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Why It’s Better to Be Quiet

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Why It's Better to Be Quiet

While talking can accomplish a lot, silence can be golden. When we stop taking space and begin making space, there is suddenly room for innovation and creativity. More importantly, there is space for another person.

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Paola Granados Ch Giocoechea February 20, 2017

Thank you so much Rav,
Hashem has been telling me, be Silent and I searched in Chabad page and I bumped into your video.
I have been in a profundly transformational process to declutter my belongings to make space energetically and physically for mu partner and my goals. But what you talked about with making space with Silence is about decluttering my speak to make space for what G-d has in store. I feel I have only grasp the tip of the iceberg but I trust Hashem is guiding me and giving me strength in this process. Reply

James M. Virginia, USA November 20, 2015

Silence At what point did the world stop listening? I know, for me, all I hear is everyone talking. Evrywhere I turn, everyone talks and as the Rabbi said, "you cannot listen, while you are talking". I talk but I also listen. I listen more than I talk. I learn so much about the world by listening, even if I don't want to hear what is said. If we all stopped talking so much and listened, perhaps the world could finally start healing itself before it's too late. The people of Babylon learned the hard way and we never learned from that, and that is what I fear most. We were given the precious gift of life and while we never asked to be born, we are all here and we need to get along. The only way to get along is to listen. Reply

Alexandra Fincher Little Elm, Tx 75068 November 19, 2015

Silence Thank you, Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles, CA via November 18, 2015

Silence Yes!!!! It breaks my heart when people want to constantly speak about controversial issues simply for the sake of arguing, without a thoroughly understanding or having all the information of an issue...Thanks for encouraging others to look ahead, and for encouraging creativity and innovation over arguing and destruction. Reply

Leonard Minnesota November 17, 2015

Silence Right so right! I have been so noisy in past. It was not until I silent God spoke to me! Reply

JDV Paramus November 13, 2015

Silence For such a young person, you have a wisdom far beyond your years. Keep it up! Reply

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