The Danger of Ambition Without Values

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The Danger of Ambition Without Values

We’re inspired by ambitious people. But ambition that isn’t backed by strong values can be dangerous.
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Arnold MacLauchlan Ontario Canada August 3, 2013

Ambition without values. A great lesson for all of us at all stages on life. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous August 2, 2013

nom " The fish with scales but not fins is damaged and it could not be a kosher meal."

But there is and never would be such a fish, even if she would be damaged because she would die off before "birth", and that's what Talmud says pretty much. And it says it exactly for the reason G-d created fishes and knows best. Reply

EDWARD willow grove April 8, 2013

great! Reply

Fernande cohen Canada April 7, 2013

Just beautiful Reply

Anonymous April 7, 2013

How did Talmud know this? There is one simple question we must answer - who gave us the Torah - Moses or G-d? Obviously it was G-d through Moses. We can discover and rediscover the things but the Creator is He Who creates the creatures and if He says that fish with scales and fins is a kosher - then it is a kosher; because who knows better than Him? The fish with scales but not fins is damaged and it could not be a kosher meal. I think that you will agree with me that the kosher is not a human invention but this is G-d's mercy to prevent us from suffering of the body and mind. Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA April 5, 2013

The Danger Of Ambition Without Values Wonderful teaching Rabbi Weinstein. Is this the reason why humans are defined/seeing as fishes in Torah? Because if we are taken away from Torah's teachings we would definitely die. Like fisnes die in a dry land. We die in the spirit and in the flesh. But most important in the spirit. For we are part of the Holy Spirit of G-d, and without him we sucumb to our death. At least that is the way I see it for myself. The G-d of Abraham, Yissach, Yaacob, and Moshe, is also the G-d of their descendants. Baruch Hashem!! Thank you for enlightening my mind today. Many blessings to you and yours from our King of King. Blessed be He! Reply

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