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The Teenage Syndrome

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The Teenage Syndrome

Do you suffer from it? Are you so detached that you can’t even recognize what your parents do for you as they are doing it? In some way, we all suffer from this syndrome. Life is a lot about healing ourselves from it.

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marc August 22, 2018

I think that that's the way most adolescents are (I can speak from personal experience) spoiled, self- centered, egotistical, unthankful, ungrateful, self-absorbed and unfortunately in North American society this is exacerbated by the media- centered world in which we live in. But thank God it's a stage that we all go through and try to forget, personally, I'm grateful that my teenage years are over. :) Reply

Janice Colorado February 28, 2015

Teen age Syndrom? It does sound like her parents give her much; home, food, takes her shopping for clothes and college is being paid for. Perhaps this is more the case of American overindulgence.

Many people would be more appreciateive if life was a little harder for them. Work is a good cure. What is she doine around home to help care for the home? how abou the yard and car? If over 16 she needs a part time job, that's a life lesson all by itself how to apply for work, interview and work. Any volunteer work? Mow some lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow. And whatever she earns, some goes to parents for putting up with her; the rest she needs to save, give, and spend on herself what's left over.

Materialism in parents infects children. Reply

RG November 16, 2014

RE this is great thank u Reply

Janice February 5, 2014

Teenage syndrom Look it up no such word as teen; till around 1940, was invention of marketers who saw they had another avenue of income, teenage hairdos, teenage, clothes, teenage slang, teenage music. Separation from parents culture; made up idea of generation gap - is all a lie, how about Judaisms terms for grow cycles, came from Torah not commercial marketers. HOw about young people, young adults; need to stay close to parents instructions and ways (dont get off the derek) till around 21 for females 26 for males; don't be so quick to leave the nest; it's not all it's cracked up to be. Reply

Rabbi Weinstein May 8, 2013

RE: Thank you Gershon! Reply

Gershon Selinger Brooklyn May 5, 2013

That was a great talk. It is my first time viewing you. Thanks Reply

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