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My First Year As a Chabad Rabbi

Unexpected Surprises at Chabad Jewish Center of Novato

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My First Year As a Chabad Rabbi : Unexpected Surprises at Chabad Jewish Center of Novato

When the Landa family moved to Novato, Calif., as Chabad emissaries, they got a welcome they never expected . . . from their mail carrier. Rabbi Menachem Landa shares some inspiring stories from his first year as a Chabad shliach (emissary).
Shelichut, Chabad House, Chabad-Lubavitch

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Anonymous Kansas City, KS June 18, 2013

homeless man Surly Ha-hem will get him an applet [droid] to watch this video again/again and to learn from Encino, CA daily. Reply

Jack Florida June 14, 2013

Very Inspiring It only takes one genuine act of kindness to tip the world scale to positive merit. G-d bless you. Reply

Anonymous Israel, Jerusalem June 14, 2013

You made cry. Beautiful story. Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem Reply

Jay Schwartz San Diego, California via jewishtemecula.com June 13, 2013

Great stories! A Jewish mail carrier...Probably not too many of those.

The homeless guy in Hollywood, his name wasn't Morrie, was it?

Keep up the good work, Rabbi. Reply

The big Sister Los Angeles June 13, 2013

Very Proud! Keep bringing your light to Novato and spread it around. We miss it in LA! Reply

joe June 12, 2013

very very nice. Reply

james cooley Kansas city June 9, 2013

super story beautiful story, almost brings tears to my eyes, like story of Joseph+brothers.
Also wanted to hear about a new chabad-house! Reply

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