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Matti's Story

How an orphan finds hope after tragic loss.

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Matti's Story: How an orphan finds hope after tragic loss.

Matti finds warmth, confidence, and hope after enduring tragedy, with the help and care of Colel Chabad.

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Terry Cooper toronto, Canada July 28, 2007

Mati In this day and age where everyone is running in circles Chabad to me is the only stabilizing factor. To watch Mati's story and see MATI the other children who have lost parents and other family members start to live again and love again is miraculous. The widows can cope a little better everyday because of Chabad. I am very interested in seeing more stories, as I learn from them too. May G-d bless us all. and watch over the babies. Thank you Chabad you have never failed us. Reply

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