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Honoring Rabbi Gordon

A Celebration of Leadership: Chabad of the Valley

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Honoring Rabbi Gordon: A Celebration of Leadership: Chabad of the Valley

A video tribute celebrating the outstanding leadership of Rabbi Yehoshua B. and Rebbetzin Deborah Gordon, emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to the San Fernando Valley in California. (Produced by Mayer Greene in association with Ari Greene Productions. Edited by Ari Greene)
Gordon, Yehoshua B., Chabad-Lubavitch

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Mike Buchsbaum Mexico city December 27, 2021

Just heard a shiur of rabbi Gordon for the first time in my life (which really helped me) and afterwards found out he passed a way a month ago i have no doubt he was a big tzadik since he is starting to have more influence now than when he was alive. Reply

Robert B Staub Boynton Beach February 29, 2020

Thank you for putting this tribute together. There is none more worthy of it. Reply

Silvana Argentina March 7, 2016

He shall be greatly missed! Thank you Rabbi Gordon for sharing your wisdom and love for the Torah! You have inspired me greatly and I'm so sad that you are gone...You have certainly had a full life. Thank you a thousand times for making your life a living example of what it means to enjoy the study of Torah!
Shalom! Reply

Chava Kwiatkowska Latvia February 13, 2016

Rabbi Gordon went one storey higher Thank you very much for this video full of positivity. "The presence of a righteous person is felt even more after his passing."
I will continue to learn with Rabbi Gordon online and retell other people the teachings, explanations and stories I heard from him. Rabbi Gordon's impact is eternal.
May Moshiach come speedily, in our days! Reply

Ezra San Antonio February 13, 2016

Baal T'shuvah Da Gracias Este judio se hizo baal t'shuvah por medio de las ensenanzas del R. Gordon. He aprendido muchisimo por el!!! Reply

Bill the Locksmithl REHOVOT, Israel February 13, 2016

His life will live on thru his family and good works. I have known this great man and his family many years will smiles to all who was in contact with them
I am honored to say I knew Rabbi Gordon.
Shalom. Reply

Anonymous Las Cruces February 12, 2016

Rabbi Gordon will be missed by me. My deepest condolences to Rabbi Gordon’s family and his congregation. I truly enjoyed his daily Torah classes. He will be missed by people around the world. He touched many hearts.

Anonymous Mesa, AZ February 12, 2016

Honoring Rabbi Gordon I just never thought that he would die. He was such a remarkable teacher, fun to listen to, able to instruct the teaching of Torah and Tanya in a special way. I remember asking on my comments for the teaching to be in Hebrew and English so that I would be able to learn the pronouciation in Hebrew, and did just that. I am very greatful. Thank you Rabbi for your compassion and understanding. B"H Reply

Borys Warsaw February 12, 2016

This really makes no sense for me.
I just don't accept the information.
I spent hundreds of hours listening to Rabbi Gordon and he became part of my life. Reply

Shalomyah Oladepo Aare Lagos, Nigeria February 11, 2016

Shalomyah I may never have known, heard from or about Rabbi Gordon. Nonetheless, I feel the very same sense of loss as you all do (having lost my mother at 59 just 4 months ago). My heartfelt condolences with the family, as I earnestly urge us to grieve, not as those who have no hope. Yahweh El gave, He has yet taken. Blessed be He.

Laila tov, Rabbi. Reply

Yael Rollmann Petach Tikva, Israel February 11, 2016

To the família of R Gordon I wish that H' consoles you among all Am Isroel that needs consolation. R Gordon's classes were and are excellent and gave and give me support while I am leaving in Israel now without my books that I left in Brasil. Because of him I can still study Chumash and Tanya. There are no words for gratitude. That H' bless you all. Reply

Rebecca Corona Calif. February 11, 2016

I also would like to give my condolences to Rabbi Gordon's family . I loved his teachings I loved the way he would teach and how he was a very down to earth kind of person. I am not Jewish but I too love the Jewish people as so do many more that I know. May God bless you and comfort all who mourn for this wonderful teacher.

Dwight Dekeyser Washington, DC February 10, 2016

Rabbi Gordon What a great man and what a great legacy! The video was very touching. Reply

Abbe S. Graber 20 Saugerties February 10, 2016

Rabbi Gordon I have never felt more Jewish in my life. Thank you for giving me a love and knowledge of the Torah. You are in my heart and memory forever, helping me get through this crazy world we live in.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your contribution will live on forever. Reply

Paula St. Paul, MN February 10, 2016

Rabbi Gordon I have been listening daily to Rabbi Gordon's Torah podcasts for the last year or so, and each day I look forward to hearing his wisdom, his clarity, his humor, and kindness. I cried today when I heard the news of his passing! May his memory be for a blessing, and my sincere condolences to his family and friends. Reply

Irma Fralic Wyndmoor February 10, 2016

Condolences to the family on the passing of Rabbi Gordon Rabbi Gordon brought me to Torah. I love his humor and I felt like he talked to me through the computer. You will be greatly missed in Philadelphia. Reply

C Sam February 10, 2016

I just learn of his passing, I am saddened. Never met him, but have watched his daily teachings. Wonderful man!
Blessed be he. Reply

Anonymous BonneyLake February 10, 2016

Everyday Rabbi Gordon was such a great Rabbi I loved his classes, I attended his classes almost everyday!!!I just wish I had more time to learn from him and he made learning the Torah illuminating,interesting,elliptical at some moments.I really wouldn't of gone to school without the help of the local Jewish community,the Rebbe and Rabbi Gordon.I known we are fused as one now and may everything his offspring accomplish have righteousness and merit in Hashem book. אשרי עבדך התורה Reply

Michael D. Lucas Central Texas February 10, 2016

A loss felt by all, can only be filled
with Torah.. May Rabbi Gordon's
memory be for an Eternal, Everlasting
memory.. He is in the World to Come!
Let's all live by Rav Gordon's example.
Omayn! :-) Reply

Elie Banzaquen February 10, 2016

Am watching this now and the words said at the 5:00 mark give me the chills. may Rabbi Gordons memory be a blessing...

What people dont realize is there are very few Rabbi Gordons even in Chabad. The Jews of california are very fortunate to have had him.

said with a broken heart.. Reply

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