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Rabbi Levi's Smile

A Tribute to Rabbi Levi Deitsch of Blessed Memory


Rabbi Levi's Smile: A Tribute to Rabbi Levi Deitsch of Blessed Memory

Members of the Tyson's Corner, VA Jewish community reflect on their friend, Rabbi Levi Deitsch, and the warmth, passion and dedication which he showed each one of them.
Shelichut, Chabad-Lubavitch

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Megan G San Francisco, CA November 28, 2014

very inspiring. todah to you rabbi levi Reply

anoneeeeeeeemouuuuuuussssss somewhere May 6, 2014

the kids! Oy! that cute kid screams i love you tatty and the chubby girl holding the picture.... Reply

Mr. yossi nijboer June 13, 2011

heart warming..... Reply

Deboray Chaya Goldsmith Jerusalem, IS December 24, 2010

Rabbi Levi's Smile This video is deeply inspiring and a challenge to love more deeply and sincerely, laugh more, and give more, without looking for any remuneration. Kol hakavod! Reply

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