Farbrengen Program:

00:01 - Introduction
Original satellite intro / The Rebbe takes his seat at the gathering

00:46 Born to Be Free
This second talk of the evening explores the inherent freedom of the Jewish soul, particularly as seen in the story of the arrest and liberation of the Rebbe's father-in-law, the Sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, in 1927.

32:40 Musical Interlude "Yeilchu"
"They go from strength to strength; they will appear before G‑d in Zion. See our shield, O G‑d, and look upon the face of Your anointed one." (Psalms 84:8,10) This melody was composed in honor of the Rebbes 83rd birthday earlier that year.

45:33 A Declassified Mission
In this fourth talk of the evening, the Rebbe reveals never before publicized information about his father-in-law's underground activities to keep Judaism alive in Russia.

1:01:58 Musical Interlude "Sheyibone"
"May it be Your will to rebuild the Holy Temple speedily in our days and to grant us our portion in Your Torah." (Morning Liturgy) Cantor Mordechai Dov Teleshevsky sings the cantorial introduction and the crowd joins in with the refrain.

1:04:05 Musical Interlude (Continued) "N'yet N'yet"
The Rebbe begins to sing this Russian-Jewish protest song whose words are: "No, no, there is no one besides our one G‑d."

1:05:03 Conclusion
The original JEM sign-off to end the satellite feed