In this hour-long excerpt from a televised Farbrengen celebrating his eighty-first birthday in 1983, the Rebbe focuses on issues that impact society to this very day.

Using stories and examples, the Rebbe zeroes in on the vital need for moral education for our children, genuine pride in our Jewish ways, and how these simple and straightforward measures will impact the world at large.


Sicha 2 - Prayers on a Yacht
The story of a proud Jewish businessman vacationing on his yacht, and the chain effect it had on his non-Jewish staff.

Niggun - Halelu Es Hashem

Sicha 3 - New Political Winds
The need for a silent prayer in Public Schools, and how the new political landscape can be utilized towards this cause.

• We Want Moshiach Now
• Zol Shoin Zein Di Geulah

Sicha 4 - A Fresh Start
Thoughts on the lesson we can take from the meaning of a birthday.

• V’hi She’amdah
• Niggun Hachanah
• Alter Rebbe’s Niggun
• Nye Zhuritzi
• Sheyibaneh

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