Farbrengen Program:

Beginning—Song: We Want Moshiach Now
Those gathered, including many children, sing the song with the words, "Am Yisrael (People of Israel), have no fear! Moshiach will be here this year. We want Moshiach now. We don't want to wait."

0:40—Talk 1: The Alter Rebbe's Work Lives On
On the anniversary of the passing of a Rebbe, we reflect on the essence of his mission in life and what he accomplished. The Alter Rebbe's life was dedicated to helping people grow closer to G‑d. Although his soul has ascended on high, the Alter Rebbe's work is still being carried on today in a very practical way here on earth.

23:00—Song: “Ve'Elokim Malki"
The words are from Psalms 74:12, "And G‑d is my king from days of old, who performs salvations in the midst of the earth." In the talk that preceded this song, the Rebbe referred several times to this verse and applied it to the Alter Rebbe's ongoing influence "in the midst of the earth" ie: in this physical world.

31:13—Talk 2: He Lived for the Jews
The Alter Rebbe was a prolific Torah scholar, but his main passion in life was to serve the Jewish people. On the anniversary of his passing, it appropriate to dedicate ourselves as well to carrying the Alter Rebbe's message to Jews of all levels and all kinds, be they scholars or simple folk.

1:09:20—Song: “Kol Dodi"
This melody is one of the ten composed by the Alter Rebbe himself. The Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yoseph Yitzchok, once explained that with this melody the Alter Rebbe could purify and refine a Jewish soul. Translation: "My beloved is knocking: Open for me, my sister, my beloved, my dove, my perfect one..." (Song of Songs 5:2)

1:15:54—Song: We Want Moshiach Now
This is the song that was sung at the beginning of the gathering before the Rebbe entered.

1:17:08—Song: Niggun Hachanah, The Alter Rebbe's Niggun, Nye Zhuritsi
Three songs are song as a medley: 1) Niggun Hachanah (lit."Preparatory Melody") is a tune traditionally sung before the recitation of a chasidic discourse; 2) Niggun Daled Bavos (lit. "Melody of Four Stanzas") is a meditative melody composed by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Chabad Rebbe. It is only sung on special occasions and is also known as "The Alter Rebbe's Niggun;" 3) Nyeh Zhuritsi (lit. "Don't worry fellow travelers") is a spirited melody expressing the excitement of Chasidim traveling to hear Torah teachings from their Rebbe.