Each year, the Rebbe would lead a Farbrengen to mark the Yahrzeit of his father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, of righteous memory.

During this gathering in 1972, the Rebbe focuses on an enigmatic statement of Rashi: “The passing of the righteous is difficult for G‑d like the breaking of the Tablets.”

What is the connection between the two? Is there anything positive in the breaking of the Tablets? And what lesson can we derive from these situations?

Over several talks, the Rebbe presents an overarching analysis of Rashi’s statement, and its application to the human condition. Drawing clues from many diverse sources, the Rebbe breaks down the conventional thinking on the topic, and comes to a new revolutionary conclusion.

This broadcast includes three talks:
• Restless Souls - A Tzaddik’s Growth
• Difficult for G‑d - The Passing of the Righteous
• Heavy Stones – The Lesson of Broken Tablets

The full event of eight talks, including the Rebbe’s novel insight into the story of the Golden Calf, a “Hadran” on a Talmudic Tractate, a talk on Kabbalah, an extended talk on current events and more, can be purchased here on DVD.