On the 33rd anniversary of the passing of his father-in-law and predecessor, the Rebbe addresses the Jewish view on the passing of the righteous and celebrating their lifework – but more importantly, how a Jewish leader continues to live on through his pupils.

Striking a theme of unity, the Rebbe finds cohesion where others see contradiction: Jew and non-Jew, material and spiritual, Old Europe and Modern America.

Challenging conventional wisdom, the Rebbe discusses man’s God-given purpose in life and the path to achieving personal fulfillment.

Farbrengen Webcast Program:

Sicha 3 - America is No Different

Bonding the physical and spiritual:

  • America is no different – The Rebbe’s work in America was same as in Europe
  • Histalkus is no different – The Rebbe’s work and life is the same now, and stronger
  • All people/Jews are no different – we all share a common purpose (Dirah B’tachtonim)
  • All daily activities are no different – physical and spiritual pursuits are to be done with the same holy intention


  • V’harikosi Lachem Brocha
  • Nigun Hachana
  • Nigun of Four Stanzas
  • Nye Zhuritzy Chloptzi

Sicha 5 - Practical Resolutions

The Mitzvah Campaigns:

  • Chitas
  • Mitzvah campaigns
  • Geulah of all Jews, with non-Jews assisting in our redemption


  • L’chatchila Ariber
  • Reb Levik’s Nigun
  • Nyet Nyet Nikavo