Chana's Note: We never know when we will do something seemingly simple that will make a huge impact. Here's a great true life story, from one of my colleagues, illustrating how a short response to a letter actually saved a life. Of course the greater message to all of us is: what "little" act can each of us do that may have a life-altering result?

Here at,'s Hebrew site, we receive hundreds of letters each week. Some are written by travelers looking for a Chabad center in a specific area (is there is Chabad center in Venice?—There is). Others have halachic questions (is it permissible to eat bread without rabbinical certification in Turkey?—No). And still others are looking for advice on personal matters, or for information on an endless variety of topics.

Among the questions we received recently, one stood out:

"I became pregnant a few weeks ago… I already have several small children, and I cannot care for another baby… Can I pray to G‑d to terminate the pregnancy?"

The letter was assigned to Mindi Schmerling, who serves as a Chabad emissary in Tel Aviv. She identified with the writer: "Thank G‑d, I am the mother of five children. I know what it takes to raise children. It's not easy. Still, to bring a Jewish child into the world is a great merit, which, to our sorrow, not everyone gets a chance to have!"

She continued: "Take a break for a moment, ignore the chaos, breathe deeply, and imagine yourself and your family in twenty years. Picture yourself a little older, surrounded by a warm and loving family, sons and daughters, brides and grooms, grandsons and granddaughters. Try to feel those emotions. You did it? You experienced it? Now try and remove some of the family members standing next to you from the picture.

"Can you do that? I think that you can't—it is nearly impossible. It is not possible in a dream, and it's also not possible in reality!"

Mindi concluded with some advice on how the woman could more easily meet the blessed challenge of raising children (click here to read her complete answer).

A few weeks ago, she received the following email:

"Hello, dear Rebbetzin. I want to tell you that we have a baby boy, and his name is Oshri. I thank you for your letter. It helped me put things in perspective. I was able to completely abandon my previous thoughts about the pregnancy, and accept everything with love. Thank G‑d, I gave birth to a boy who is amazing and like an angel, and I would not exchange him for any amount of money. May you be blessed for saving me and Oshri."

Hundreds of questions each week, thousands every month. We helped another child come into this world. And that makes it all worth it.