Have you ever noticed…

How a little bit of light…

Can chase away a whole lot of darkness?

How a kind word, a smile, a nod of encouragement, a helping hand or a listening ear can brighten another person's day…or life?

But how? How can my little act dispel so much surrounding gloom, so much encompassing pain and suffering, so much sadness in our world? It doesn't seem possible.

Just follow the Chanuka example.

Chanuka is the holiday of lights. Every night we light the menorah, the special Chanukah lights. Follow these Chanukah steps to light up our world:

1) We light the menorah in the doorway or opening of our home—to share the light with as many others as possible.

Open up your door and your life to others. Don't wait for the opportunity to come to you. Create an opening to share your joy—and blessing—with those around you.

2) The Chanukah holiday falls at the darkest time of the year—the daylight hours are the shortest and the dark, cold, gloomy nights loom on and on. Into this darkness, we begin to light the candles, one at a time.

Don't despair from the looming darkness or hopelessness around you. Despite the darkest night, just add one light at a time, and you'll be surprised by how the darkness is dispelled.

3) And finally—every night we continue to add one additional candle.

Don't be satisfied with what goodness you've done. Strive to continually add just one more candle—a little bit more kindness, another mitzvah, another meaningful act.

This Chanukah, as we celebrate the festival of light, resolve to add more light in your life.

And then resolve to share that light with those around you. To completely light up your world.