Dear Readers,

I recently read a Facebook post that asked, “How has your life changed since the brutal massacre by Hamas on October 7, 2023?”

I found the responses interesting and meaningful. Here is a sampling:

  • It might be faster to say how life is still the same.
  • Every word of prayer is so much more meaningful now.
  • I think it has become “our lives.” Both in brutality and in unity. We have all seen so much horror but also experienced so much love.
  • I feel a massive energy to expand and receive G‑d’s light. It brought me back to what I am here for. I am more focused and my love for Israel has grown even deeper.
  • I would say: a Turning Point.
  • Grief, anger and trauma.
  • I feel like I have become a true Israeli mother. We all have.
  • Anxiety. Hard to sleep. Still processing.
  • Prayer helps the rage.
  • I am deeply proud and honored to be a part of the Jewish people.
  • Shocked, paralyzed and afraid.
  • Too much time by the screen.
  • I fill myself with Torah and music, exercise and work.
  • The world as we know it will never be the same.

It seems clear that the brutality we witnessed by Hamas has had an effect on all of us. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions right now. The pain is still deep. As of this writing, the hostages have not returned, about a hundred thousand families from Israel’s north and south have been displaced and are now refugees, and our brave soldiers are preparing at the front. So much is going on and it feels too deep and painful to process.

At the same time, a strong feeling of unity and pride in being part of the Jewish people has emerged. Jews all around the world are taking on extra mitzvot, gathering for extra prayers and Torah learning, and engaging more in spirituality. The incomprehensible ruthlessness has brought into sharp focus what is truly important in life, and the trivialities have become just that. Many of us are still trying to make sense of why we are here and what we can do to help our brethren.

Our only choice now is: What is my personal contribution to help fix this broken world?

How are you feeling right now? It’s your turn. Tell us how your life has changed.

With heartfelt prayers for the safety of the Jewish People and the immediate return of all the hostages,

Chana Weisberg
Editor, TJW