Men and Women.

Husbands and Wives.

Brothers and Sisters.

What do we want from one another? Are we hopelessly stranded on different planets drowning in the waters of strife and miscommunication? Can we ever find the life draft that will bring us peace and reconciliation?

This Shabbat, backing on to the holiday of Sukkot, we begin a new yearly cycle of Torah readings, starting with the portion of Bereishit, which recounts the creation of our world.

And wouldn’t you know, on the very same day that the first man and woman were created, merely hours after life has been breathed into their nostrils, the world experiences The First Big Fight.

Nor is it merely a small skirmish, but the whole works, full of denial, recriminations, blame, countercharges and more blame. His fault. Her fault. The snake’s fault.

But hidden too within the lines of the story are the keys to finding the understanding and harmony that both men and women seek.

What are a husband’s greatest complaints against his wife? What are a wife’s greatest complaints against her husband? And what are the underlying, but albeit different needs of each?

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Wishing you a most joyous and harmonious Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

Chana Weisberg

Editor, TJW