According to Marketdata Enterprises, the self-help industry in the US is a booming industry earning over 10 billion dollars per year. Publishers put an estimated 2,000 new titles on bookstore shelves yearly, promising results such as: “fulfill your dreams,” “unfold the secrets of happiness and achievement,” and “achieve a spiritual awakening.”

But not everyone is so enamored with this genre of books.

Christine Whelan is a professor who did her doctoral dissertation on the self-help industry. She claims that most self-help books fall short because:

  1. the anecdotal characters used to illustrate their points are made up and thus the situations are simplified;
  2. they promise that change is easy but behavioral change takes hard work;
  3. there is no evidence or documentation for claims made, or credentials for the authors making these claims.

This week, we feature a new six-part video series on Spiritual Development by well-known mentor, Nomi Freeman. Topics that will be covered include the Power of the Mind, the Power of Faith and Inviting Joy into our Lives.

Unlike many popular books, however, this course is solidly founded on Divine wisdom passed down for thousands of years. The stories or anecdotes are true and Torah based. And the individual giving these classes is a very dear friend whom I can attest makes learning and growing her personal life’s work.

No one said that change is easy. But no one said that life was a stroll down easy street. And, more often than not, even small steps of change can have huge ramifications.

In these last few days before the New Year, there is no more auspicious a time to undertake constructive change. So, enjoy the series. Share your thoughts. And let us know how you’ve brought positive resolutions into your life.

Wishing you a blessed new year, full of positive growth and true happiness.

Chana Weisberg,

Editor, TJW