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Shemot Videos

Crisis in Egypt
Video | 4:21
Crisis in Egypt
Shemot Parshah Report
The Parshah report gets a new look, jono tries to enslave gefilte fish and Itche's lawyer shows up. Hilarity... whatever, you know what's coming
Is It Proper to Question G-d?
A lesson based on Moses's complaint to G-d that the divine plan to redeem the Israelites from Egypt actually made their lives worse.
Find Your Truest Self by Noticing Another
So many of us search, yearning to find our deepest and truest selves. This can involve traveling to distant lands, seeking out therapists and teachers, spending copious hours and dollars on our quest. Yet, by turning outside ourselves, we may encounter something dramatically different.
The Power of One
Video | 8:43
The Power of One
The importance of the individual in Judaism
G-d, What is Your Name?
Parshat Shemot
This is G-d’s message to his oppressed people. And this is G-d’s solace to us in our moments of misery.
Shemot – Let the Girls Live
Pharaoh issued a merciless decree to drown the newborn Jewish boys. What was his scheming plan for the girls?
Torah in Ten: Shemot
Topics include: Moses as the perfect specimen of the human species, the name "Moses" and its symbolic connection to water, why Moses thought the people would not believe him, and the importance of crying out to G-d for redemption.
What It Means to Grow Up
Something Spiritual on Parshat Shemot
A Mother and a Mohel
Video | 1:08:14
A Mother and a Mohel
Practical Parshah - Shemot
The unusual circumstances of Moses’ son’s brit milah (circumcision) and what it teaches us about how that mitzvah may be performed -- and by whom.
The Real Answer to the Jewish Problem
Life Lessons from Parshat Shemot
The Jewish bondage in Egypt contains the all-too-familiar horrific story of anti-Semitism that marks our history. What is the reason behind this hatred and what is the ultimate solution?
Beast of Burden
Video | 58:46
Beast of Burden
The History and Destiny of Moses' Donkey
An analysis of Rashi’s commentary regarding the donkey that Moses uses to transport his wife and children down to Egypt (Exodus 4.20). The class concludes with a profoundly spiritual and personal message. (Likutei Sichos vol. 31)
The Power of Positive Thought
Parshah Shemot
"Think good and it will be good" is not just a feel-good slogan. It means that by trusting in G-d, we actually elicit His help from on High. Find out what happened when Moses doubted if he was deserving of G-d's help. (Based on Likutei Sichos volume 36, Sicha 1.)
Moses “Grows Up”
Parshah Power - Shemot
“And it came to pass in those days that Moses grew up and went out to his brothers and looked at their burdens” (Exodus: 2:11). Is this verse simply telling us that Moses matured? And what lesson is in it for us?
Moses, Maimonides and the Alter Rebbe
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Shemot
When G-d shows Moses a sign by having him turn a staff into a snake, G-d asks Moses, (Exodus 4:2) "What is this in your hand?" But the two words, "mah zeh" ("what is this") are spelled in the Torah as one word, "mizeh" ("from this.") How does the term "mizeh" hint to the Alter Rebbe and Maimonides whose yahrzeits are this week?
I Will Be What I Will Be
How to Study Torah - Shemot
When G-d charges Moses with the task of leading the Jews out of Egypt, Moses asks G-d what His name is and G-d responds, "I will be what I will be." How does this cryptic answer help us understand the problem of evil and suffering?
Parsha Gems: Shemot
Video | 52:51
Parsha Gems: Shemot
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Parshah Insights: Shemot
What’s the Big Deal with Names?
Parshah Curiosities: Shemot
The second book of the Torah, which is called the Book of Names, begins with again listing the names of the twelve tribes. Explore the importance and influence of a name, and other intriguing curios on Jewish names. For example, why don’t we find reference to anyone being named Gad and Asher – names from the twelve tribes – throughout the entire Talmudic era?
Birth of a Jewish Saviour
Parshah Curiosities: Shemot
The little-known and largely misunderstood story of Moses’ parentage is presented along with fascinating facts about the birth of our Jewish redeemer. Discover detailed descriptions of his first hours on planet earth; learn where his mother hid him, and why his family sent him down the river.
Doing the Impossible
A Taste of Text—Shemot
When confronted with a situation that seems hopeless, don’t resign yourself to inactivity with the excuse that the little you can do can’t possibly make a difference.
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