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Parshat Shemot

Readings for Shemot
Tevet 25, 5781
January 9, 2021

Isaiah 27:6 - 28:13; Isaiah 29:22-23
Torah Portion: Shemot
Shemot in a Nutshell

The children of Israel multiply in Egypt. Threatened by their growing numbers, Pharaoh enslaves them and orders the Hebrew midwives, Shifrah and Puah, to kill all male babies at birth. When they do not comply, he commands his people to cast the Hebrew babies into the Nile.

A child is born to Yocheved, the daughter of Levi, and her husband, Amram, and placed in a basket on the river, while the baby’s sister, Miriam, stands watch from afar. Pharaoh’s daughter discovers the boy, raises him as her son, and names him Moses.

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