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Shemot Texts & Summaries

Shemot in a Nutshell
Exodus 1:1–6:1
Pharaoh enslaves the Hebrews, and orders all male babies killed. Moses is born, placed in a basket on the Nile, and discovered and raised by Batyah, Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses leaves the palace and discovers his brethren’s hardship. G‑d appears to him in a burning bush, and sends him to advocate for the Israelites’ freedom.
Shemot Torah Reading
Text of the Parshah with Hebrew & English Linear Translation
Shemot Roundup
A quick family-oriented summary of the events in this week's Parshah. Kids, read it online to get a picture of all the exciting going-ons in this week's parshah. Parents, print it out to share at the Shabbat table
Shemot Haftorah
Text of this week's haftorah
A Summary of the Book of Exodus
Sefer Shemot
A chronological overview of the book of Exodus: enslavement, ten plagues, freedom, splitting of the sea, the Torah at Mount Sinai, the golden calf and the Tabernacle.
Shemot Audio Recording
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