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From the Chassidic Masters

Moses: The Birth of a Leader
From the circumstances of his birth through his refusal to lead to the last moments of his life, everything the Torah tells us about Moses is a lesson in Jewish leadership
The Brick Factory
Before they could become G-d’s chosen people, the children of Israel had to first undergo forced servitude in the “smelting pit of Egypt,” primarily in the manufacture of bricks. Why bricks?
I Am
One of the first things that Moses asked G-d at the Burning Bush: They're going to ask me, "What is His name?" What is the significance of this question? And what is the meaning of G-d's elusive answer?
The Numerology of Redemption
The relationship between Moses and Moshiach is reflected in the numerical values of their names: 345 + 13 = 358.
Moshiach's Donkey
Our sages tell us that the very same donkey which served Abraham to carry his wares on the way to the "Binding of Isaac" is the donkey which Moses used to transport his wife and children on the road to Egypt. And this is the very donkey on which the Moshiach will appear as "a pauper riding on a donkey"
Name and Number
Numbers are the ultimate equalizer. Names identify and individualize. Love does both.
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