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Toldot Videos

Lentil Soup
Video | 4:48
Lentil Soup
Toldot Parshah Report
Is a bowl of lentil soup worth selling your birthright for? Find out in this really funny video some guys made!
Parenting Difficult Children
Why Isaac loved his wicked son Esau
Torah in Ten: Toldot
Topics include: Rebecca’s pregnancy, Jacob and Esau as reincarnations of Cain and Abel, why Jacob carried the fragrance of the Garden of Eden.
Mayanot Moment - Toldot
The relationship between Abraham and Isaac as embodiments of love and fear teaches us the proper emotional balance in our relationship with G-d. Presenter: Rabbi Levenger
Toldot - Like Father Like Son
The seemingly repetitious verse "Isaac was the son of Abraham; Abraham begat Isaac" contains a secret for Jewish survival.
Are You Kosher on the Inside?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Toldot
Discover why Eisav was compared to a swine.
Do You Dig Wells?
Video | 1:55
Do You Dig Wells?
Something Spiritual on Parshat Toldot
Be a Strong Link in the Generational Chain
Something Spiritual on Parshat Toldot
Parents and children should both have nachas and Jewish joy from each other.
Look Deep Inside
Video | 3:30
Look Deep Inside
Growing Weekly: Parshat Toldot
If G-d Loves Me, Why So Many Rules?
A case study of identical twins provides perspective
Why is it so important to perform all the details of halachah in such an exacting manner? Should not the focus merely be about our sense of devotion and love and care for one another? A deeper look into the genetic makeup and rivalry of the identical twins Yaakov and Eisav offers insight into this matter. (A lecture at the Jewish Women’s Retreat in Toronto in 2015)
Severe Blessings
Video | 40:00
Severe Blessings
The mystical dimension of Yitzchak’s awesome blessings
When Yitzchak bestows the blessing of the first-born, rather than invoking the name of G-d associated with mercy and benevolence, he invokes the name of G-d associated with judgment and severity. This class will explain this oddity and offers an encouraging message for our times.
Isaac, Joy or Restraint?
The different character traits of our patriarch Yitzchak
The very name Yitzchok (Isaac) means joy. Yet Yitzchok is classically described as personifying the properties of discipline, awe and strict justice. How are we to reconcile these contrasting attributes and what is the lesson for our personal lives? (Likutei Sichos vol. 30)
The Battle in the Womb
Parsha Toldot
Jacob and Esau wrestled with each-other while yet in their mother's womb. Their struggle, explain our Sages, was over possession of both this world – the physical, and the hereafter – the spiritual. But why the battle over both worlds?! Jacob desires the world of holiness and spirituality and Esau the sensual, material world. So what's to fight about? Each to his own! (Likutei Sichos vol 20)
Esau's Wife, Righteous or Wicked?
Parshah Toldot
Esau married his uncle Ishmael's daughter Machalat. Was Machalat righteous or wicked? Scripture gives us evidence to argue both ways.
Giving Tithes
Video | 45:00
Giving Tithes
Practical Parshah - Toldot
Emulating our forefather Isaac's financial success and how he apportioned his wealth to tzedakah—charity.
The Non-Identical Twins
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Toldot
This portion begins with the verse, “These (Jacob and Esau) are the offspring of Yitzchak" but the Hebrew word for offspring (toldot) is missing a letter vav. Also, when it says that Rebecca is pregnant with twins, the Hebrew word for twins (te'omim) is missing a letter aleph.
Free Choice vs. Destiny
How to Study Torah - Toldot
The Torah records minute details about Rebecca’s first and only pregnancy. Did her twin sons, Jacob and Esau, have free choice to become who they wanted to be or were their personalities predestined from the womb?
Parsha Gems: Toldot
Video | 44:31
Parsha Gems: Toldot
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Parshah Insights: Toldot
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Mnemonics: Toldot
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Toldot contains 106 verses and the mnemonic for it is the word ‘ulo’ (yoke). Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah.
A Puzzling Pregnancy and Birth
Parshah Curiosities: Toldot
The birth and development of Yaakov and Eisav was rife with inexplicable tension and conflict. Explore the genome, nature and nurture of these wrestling twins in the womb, and how their phenomenal twin birth may correlate with modern science.
The Stolen Blessings and Esau's Strange Suit
Parshah Curiosities: Toldot
The story of Yaakov deceiving his father and stealing the blessings from his brother Eisav is full of mystery. One peculiar detail is Eisav’s special garment that Yaakov wears for the scheme.
Fostering Real Jewish Unity
Erudite elucidation of the Parsha’s opening establishes its primary narrative; leading into cryptic and conflicting traditions about the terrestrial years our Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob spent in unison. Exploring diverse meanings of these cherished teachings leads us into a profound new understanding and appreciation of foundational Torah commentary. The emerging enlightenment ultimately provides incredible insight for the possibility of Jewish unity in these stormy times!
How to Educate a Child
A Taste of Text—Toldot
A child shouldn’t be expected to be a miniature replica of his parent. Individual character traits need to be honed and channeled.
Shazak Parsha: Toldos
A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
How to Have Abundance
We learn so much from a seed. One tiny seed can yield a tree overflowing with fruit. True abundance comes from a special kind of planting, with a certain kind of attitude. Learn how to invest in a way that will yield abundance and blessing.
Can One Size Fit All?
A short insight on Parshat Toldot
Are you the ultimate uninhibited extrovert? Or perhaps you are a definitive introvert? No need to conform. Cultivate your own unique path in your service of our Creator!
Not Tied Down to the Past
Something Spiritual on Parshat Toldot
Change Your Energy
Soul Boost for Parshat Toldot
A closer look at the opening narrative in the Torah portion of Toldot about Isaac and his offspring—examining the differencing approaches in the commentaries, with special emphasis on Rash’s interpretation through the lens of the manuscripts.
When All Is Forgiven
Esau and his wives revisited
Our Sages taught, “There are three whose sins are forgiven: (a) A convert upon converting, (b) one who is elevated to a high position and (c) when one marries.” This class explores the Scriptual source for the latter and in so doing addresses the question why this final Exile has been far longer than the previous exiles the Jewish people have endured. (Likutei Sichos volume 35, Sicha 3)
The Secret to Becoming Rich
The Mitzvah of Tzedakah
Discover layers of significance to the mitzvah of tzedakah, which is so much more that simple charity.
Did Avraham Really Do Tefillin?
Parshah Curiosities: Toldot
A profound, thought-provoking and fascinating exploration of how our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob might have fulfilled the mitzvah of Tefillin in their own time! Discover shocking secrets about strange practices of our hallowed ancestors that may actually be influencing your life today!
Digging Wells & the Holy Temple
What’s the deeper meaning of Yitzchok’s wells and their correlation to the three Holy Temples?
Learning the Haftorah: Toldot
The weekly portion from the Prophets
Our Matriarch Rivkah: A Mother Making Tough Choices
Taking matters into her own hands, Rivka made a difficult decision that needed to be done.
Why Jacob Left Home
Video | 15:00
Why Jacob Left Home
International Conference of Chabad Emissaries 5773
Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld of Lisbon, Portugal asks why our forefather Jacob had to go so far from home in order to start his life
Parsha Toldot, Part 1
Rivkah's Pregnancy
Ch. 25, verses 19 - 23: Introduction, begins with the genealogy of Yitzhok. He marries Rivkah. She is barren, they pray to Hashem and she becomes pregnant. She finds the pregnancy difficult and so she goes to prophet to inquire about her situation. He tells her that she is pregnant with twins, and that the older one would serve the younger one.
Parsha Toldot, Part 2
The Birth of Yaakov and Eisav, and the Sale of the Birthright
Ch. 25, verse 24 - 34: The birth of Esua and Yaakov. Eisav sells his firstborn birthright to Yaakov for a bowl of lentils.
Parsha Toldot, Part 3
Yitzchok's Wells
Ch. 26, verses 1 - 22: There is a famine in the land. Yitzhok moves to Gerar, the land of the Philistines. The people are jealous of his success and they ask him to leave. He re-digs the same wells that his father dug but there is contention. He then digs a third well which no one contends with.
Parsha Toldot, Part 4
Yitzchok Makes a Treaty with a King
Ch. 26, verse 23 - Ch. 27, verse 10: Yitzhok makes a treaty with a king. Eisav marries and Yitzhok prepares to bless Eisav.
Parsha Toldot, Part 5
Yaakov Prepares to Steal Eisav's Blessings
Ch. 27, verses 11 - 27: Based on his Mother's insistence, Yaakov puts on Esau's clothing. He places goat's hair on his arms and takes the food that his mother has prepared to his father. His father is not sure who is standing in front of him since the voice is the voice of Yaakov but the hands are those of Esau. Yitzhok eats the food and prepares to bless the son who is standing before him (Yaakov).
Parsha Toldot, Part 6
Yitzckok Blesses Yaakov
Ch. 27, verses 28 - 38: Yitzhok unwittingly blesses Yaakov with the firstborn blessing. Yaakov exists just before Esau enters with the food for his father. Esau cries bitterly when his realizes that Yaakov had duped him and taken the blessing. He asks his father for another blessing but Yitzhok tells him that there is no other blessing. He refuses to take no for an answer and finally his father tells him that he will bless him.
Parsha Toldot, Part 7
Yaakov Flees from Eisav
Ch. 27, verse 39 – Ch. 28, verse 9: Esau receives his blessing from his father. Rivkah warns Yaakov about Esau's intention to kill him. She tells him to flee to her brother Lavan. Yitzhok tells Yaakov to go to Padan Aram and to take a wife from the daughters of Lavan. Esau sees what his father told Yaakov so he too takes a new wife from the daughters of Yishmael.
Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 1st Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 2nd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 3rd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 4th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 5th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 6th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 7th Portion
Video | 1:51
Two animated stick men trying to maintain balance on a seesaw-like floor. Can you relate to this scene?
Toldot: Israel’s Secret Weapon
The Israel Defense Force is one of the most advanced armies in the world. Learn about Israel's secret weapon and discover how you can use it to defend our sacred homeland!
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