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Why Jacob Left Home

International Conference of Chabad Emissaries 5773

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Why Jacob Left Home: International Conference of Chabad Emissaries 5773

Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld of Lisbon, Portugal asks why our forefather Jacob had to go so far from home in order to start his life
International Conference of Emissaries, Toldot, Chabad-Lubavitch

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1 Comment
David Shantz Montreal QC, Canada via themtc.com February 3, 2013

Why Jacob Left home Greetings Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld,
I thank you for your presentation on this very profound, practical, and universal topic. I believe that most parents struggle with this question.
I have a few questions about the development of your presentation.
1. Jacob left home under very painful and violent circumstances.
2. He left home to go back to his mother's home, a place that Abraham had sent his servant to seek a wife for his son Isaac.
3. Jacob goes back eventually to be reconciled with his brother to a land in which he eventually leaves to go to live in Egypt with his son Joseph.
4. Jacob had a mother who encouraged him to lie to his own father and a brother who had no respect for the promise of God given to Abraham.
5. I wonder if the story of Daniel, taken into exile and learning to be faithful would better illustrate your point.
Our children learn about faith in God through community but also in adversity.
David Shantz Reply