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Mayanot Moment - Toldot

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Mayanot Moment - Toldot

The relationship between Abraham and Isaac as embodiments of love and fear teaches us the proper emotional balance in our relationship with G-d. Presenter: Rabbi Levenger

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Leah December 2, 2016

I had to listen twice to "get" this but I would just like to comment that at one point, it was a bit confusing as I thought I heard you say "love giving birth from fear" when I thought the whole point you were making was "love giving birth to fear" any case, the point here is that the love be the dominant trait. We need both, but I have also learned this week that the fear of Hashem "swallows up all other fears" so the fear of Hashem I think gives us our humility and strength so it is crucial. That said, I think the message given here is "avodas Hashem b'simcha" that we should serve Hashem with joy, and also realize that Hashem rejoices in us when we do His will and we therefore can (and should) rejoice with Him. Reply

Brenda Tawil Jerusalem November 27, 2016

Holding on to the Love with the Fear Thank you for explaining this to me. I was thinking that because of my fear I was not a Chesed person. I realize now that my fear was an integral part of my sincere love. Reply

Leah November 12, 2015

? Huh hard to understand since as a Jew, we really need both - always. It is a mitzvah to be b'simcha, yes,'s a very hard question to answer "am I doing - (or refraining from doing) - out of love or out of fear?" because you don't ascend with one wing, correct? you need both. Reply

SolMon s November 21, 2011

To Mathew One's gots to love the Holy One Blesses Be He - focus on that holy brother. Reply

Matthew Rand Staten Island, NY July 9, 2011

Food for thought This parsha is my birthday parsha, and I didn't really know how this relates to me. This lesson, however, relates to me as I have always been inclined to timidity and people pleasing, and this includes my relationship with G-d. I tend to do things out of fear most of the time, and am "ingratiating" towards G-d. This doesn't mean that I avoid sin, it just means that I am afraid all the time. Reply

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