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Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 4th Portion

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Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 4th Portion

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Toldot, Parshah

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Nossy Edmonton November 24, 2022

The joke Rabbi Gordon was saying:
A guy doesn't want to school, his mom says you have too! he says, the kids hate me, and i don't want to go, She is like there are 2 reasons, you have to go..
1. You're 50 years old.
2. You're the principal. Reply

Anonymous January 15, 2017

I always wondered what language did Isaac speak to abimelech? How did the 70 nations learn to speak to each other after the language barrier? Reply

Samantha November 16, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

I would hazard a guest at either Hebrew, Aramaic, or possibly Arabic. Reply

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