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Rabbi Gordon - Toldot: 5th Portion

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Yid November 19, 2020

"Tohu, not to be confused with Tofu." hahahaha Reply

Elisheva Jerusalem November 22, 2014

I don't understand how being rooted in severity leads to only seeing the good. I thought that gevura was the aspect of judgment.

Also with respect to the comment below, imho, it is seriously misguided. There are numerous statements in Judaism, such as "when your enemy rises to kill you, arise an hour before him (to kill him first)", "those who are kind to the cruel, end up being cruel to the kind". Arafat's legacy is over 1000 Israelis murdered and many more severely maimed and traumatised. The only reason the numbers are not even worse is because mercifully Arabs are not as efficient as Germans, but they share the same goals (as the Nazis).

As for lashon hara, if it is for a valid purpose it is permitted, and sometimes even obligatory.

I would really appreciate a comment from Rabbi Gordon with respect to these points. Thank you in advance. Reply

Elisheva Jerusalem November 22, 2014

Arafat joke I'm really enjoying these shiurim, but the Arafat joke was in really bad taste. Substitue Hitler for Arafat. They had the same goals. Reply

c. nyc November 13, 2017
in response to Elisheva:

Add a comment..I must disagree with Elisheva. Arafat and Hitler (yemach sh'mo) cannot be given moral equivalency. A. murdered, but H, before he murdered , he tortured. Big difference. As I just recently read, gestapos entered a house in a shtetel, found a woman in process of giving birth, dragged her out to the dump of the city, and stood around laughing etc while she gave birth. As soon as the baby arrived, the germans with the Ukrainian helpers stomp on the baby till it died, then forced the woman to stand for hours until the train came to take her and the others to a death camp. We can't compare this to A. Perhaps his people would've done the same, or even our neighbor in America would do the same. but they didn't. Don't compare.. Reply

Ploni Almoni November 14, 2021
in response to Elisheva:

Yes Arafat would have murdered every Jew, G+d forbid,, if he could have just like Hitler... But praise G-d Arafat was only able to directly murder a few thousand Jews..
Although I perfectly understand This joke from the Jackie Mason tape, and on the tape, after he won the Nobel Peace prize (what a joke!) He was lauded by the so-called Palestinians, who he stole hundreds of millions .. Jackie Mason was performing in Israel or everyone you that he stole money from Palestinians and he said not only is he a mass murderer that he's a thief and everyone started saying yeah shaking their head and then like all comics he turned it around, with humor by saying I I got a good look at his towel it said Hilton...It was pretty funny!
.... As all great teachers Rabbi Gordon tries to relate to his students, although as he probably never watch television since he was 10 years old oh, he talks about shows from the early 60s.. I listen to him almost everyday Reply

Anonymous Hampstead September 22, 2012

Love one another As hard as it is to imagine, we must believe that God is in an intimate relationship with every human being on Earth. Therefore, just like it would hurt our children if we spoke badly about their intimate partners, it hurts God. Speaking about Yasser Arafat hurts God. We need to find the goodness in him and everyone else just like Isaac did. To do that we have to be blind to the faults and totally focus on the good. Reply

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