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Learning the Haftorah of Toldot

The weekly portion from the Prophets


Learning the Haftorah: Toldot: The weekly portion from the Prophets

Toldot Haftorah: Hebrew and English
Haftarah Companion for Toldot
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Toldot, Haftarah

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Jean O Battle Ground, WA November 14, 2017

As a Noachide believer, I turn to Chabad for much of my Torah teaching. This discussion was so very interesting. I have read Mal'akhi many times, but you, Rabbi Mendel, put it into an historical context I have never heard before. It allows me to be a little more gracious to the Jewish believers of the time when I see them as a people more like 20th century people. I can just picture all the organizations that would be in an uproar if Judaism were to re-institute the sacrificing of animals! However, knowing how animals are treated in American slaughterhouses today - it would probably be a step up for them.
On the discussion of the relationship of Jews to Hashem, or rather the other way round, and the responsibility that puts on the Jewish people, these words popped into my memory:
To whom much is given, much is required.
Thank you for your teaching. Reply

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