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The Month of Av

From the fires of destruction to the fires of redemption

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The Month of Av: From the fires of destruction to the fires of redemption

The astrological sign of the month of Av is connected with a lion, and represents a month of enormous potential and also great tragedy. Just as healing and redemption follow the fires of destruction, similarly in our lives, our challenges are divine gifts helping us to move forward.
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Rosh Chodesh, Month, Av

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Kerry Leigh Brett San Jose August 2, 2020

Loved that. That was the best teaching on Av. Drakensburg I use to go there as a Child on my fathers farm. Thank you. Reply

O. Lee Phil az August 20, 2017

New Moon visual and other considerations to the rules governing a calendars dates. It seems that a Solar Eclipse(thou it is not seen world wide ) would automatically signify the visual appearance of the New Moon; is there a rule that excludes this from establishing a beginning of a month into an official calendar date? Reply

Mary Dullinger July 25, 2017

.That was an excellent lesson; she is right, it is so easy to become despondant, to become negative and not see the positive things which lie ahead.. Reply

Anonymous USA August 3, 2014

The Month Of Av It is interesting to read that Hashem, blessed be He, is the Lion. The Lion ofJudah, perhaps? I was very distressed with some personal situation. I prayed to Hashem, blessed be He, to show me that He was with me. I felt so alone. I dreamt that a Beautiful Lion was by my right side. When I saw this beautiful animal, I was hugging and kissing him as if he was my pet. I always wanted to have my King close to me. He definitely showed me exactly that. Thank you Mrs.Tzukernik for your instruction. I knew it was Hashem, blessed be He, in my dream, but this is a confirmation. How lovely is your dwelling place my G-d and King! Reply

Shimona Tzukernik July 29, 2014

Here's the background to a profound mystical secret: Many are called "lion." Nebuchadnezzar is referred to in the Bible as a lion ((Jeremiah 4:7) The Temple, particularly the altar, is referred to as a lion in the Bible. And finally of G-d too it is said, "The lion roars, who shall not fear" (Amos 3:8) Now you have the building blocks to understand the secret to the energy and transformation of this month of Av as laid out in Yalkut Shimoni, Jeremiah 259: The lion (Nebudchanezzar) came in the month of the lion (Av) and destroyed the lion (the Temple), in order that the lion (G-d) should come in the month of the lion and rebuild the lion (Jerusalem). - Yalkut Shimoni, Jeremiah, 259. The lesson is evident. Each of us has the capacity to turn destruction on its head and rise like a lion in holy strength and service. This month, this energy of transformation is the cosmic current on which you ride. Reply

Shimona July 28, 2014

Months of the year Jackson all the videos in Beyond the Zodiac are based on the Hebrew calendar. These months are based on the lunar cycle. In truth though, the Hebrew calendar is unisolar, incorporating both moon and sun cycles. It does this by adding a month 7 times within every 19-year cycle.

The Jewish calendar is the most sophisticated of any calendar, masterfully incorporating three independent cycles: the rotation of the earth on its axis; the revolution of the moon around the earth; and the rotation of the earth in relation to the sun. The Gregorian/Western/Christian/Civil calendar incorporates no correlation between sun and moon cycles. The days of a month are randomly set to 28, 30 or 31 days. The Muslim calendar on the other hand runs according to the moon but does not take the solar cycle into account. As such, the two cycles slide apart with time because a lunar cycle of 12 months is about 11 days shorter than a solar year. This is why Ramadan for example might occur during any solar month. The Hebrew calendar by contrast combines all three parameters to maintain synchronicity between the lunar AND solar cycles of day, month and year.

At a mystical level we are taught that each month brings with it a different spiritual energy. It is this mystical component that I intended to address in the Beyond the Zodiac series.

More on how the Jewish calendar works here. Reply

Shimona Tzukernik Brooklyn, NY July 28, 2014

Best video to start with Hi Lidah,
My program "The Method" delivers Torah and Kabbalah-based transformation. There's a free introductory video and course available on the site.
Blessings in all your endeavors,

Elvera Fort Lauderdale July 15, 2013

Thank you! Thank you Shimona! That was very empowering and exactly what I needed to hear!! Reply

Sasha Mossel Bay, South Africa July 10, 2013

Core Identity Thank you. I was just sitting here dealing with a negative spies situation. I don't know what to do about it, but listening to you this early morning in Mossel Bay, South Africa, I feel more able for it all. Thank you. Reply

lidah usa July 9, 2013

The month of Av Ms. Shimona I try to understand your video and i enjoy it. As a beginner what is the best video should I start to listen to in order to understand your thoughts? Thank you. Reply

Yonah Monsey, NY July 7, 2013

months of the year Thank you Shimona for the deep and unique Torah you share through these monthly videos.

I have enjoyed them, and have benefited from their content. Reply

Jackson Coleman Lawrenceville, GA (USA) July 7, 2013

months of the year Is the months of the year the English interpretation of the Jewish calendar months? Reply