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The Jewish Leap Year

The additional month in a “pregnant year”

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The Jewish Leap Year: The additional month in a “pregnant year”

The Jewish leap year contains 13 months, instead of the regular twelve—i.e., an extra month is added at the end of the year (another Adar). What is the meaning behind this added month?
Rosh Chodesh, Month, Adar, Leap Year, The Jewish

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Shirley Anne Lindberg Canada January 15, 2023

Beautifully 🤩 explained.
Thank you 🙏🏼 Reply

Esther May 26, 2017

my name is Esther and i became an orphan as a baby. how significant is that? I was also born in Februay. Reply

Debby February 24, 2016

Insightful Talk Dear Shimona - What a beautiful talk on the leap year and all the symbolism, meaning and power within the month, time and humans. Blessings, Reply

IDA SCHUMMER February 4, 2014

For me to hear Shimona talk was so relaxing, i felt in a cloud. I am not a very religious person, but apart of the very interesting explanation of the leap year, I repeat how delightful it was to hear her talk. Reply

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