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The Month of Kislev

Concealment and Revelation

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The Month of Kislev: Concealment and Revelation

Kislev is the month that begins the winter season, when the light of the summer becomes hidden and we enter into a place of spiritual concealment. But it is through our surrender to the darkness that we can reveal and manifest the greatness of who we are.
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Rosh Chodesh, Month, Kislev

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Anastasia Ostanek Slovenia December 19, 2019

Wow, that was so inspiring, and it gave me such a wonderful and fresh new insight about the Moon phases. Thank you! Reply

Catherine Cincinnati November 26, 2014

Question Shimona, thank you for always gracefully bringing your insight to others to ponder. Question- I observe the Omer and have done the 7x7 indepth internal retrospective. I have never seen oven for this 6x6 you mentioned. Does one exist? I would be interested in spending uptime introspectively with it.
Thank you Reply

sararivka February 9, 2014

Lauren, I disagree with you. I have been learning for the last 20 years, and this gentle presentation awakened a spiritual desire to know more. what you refer to are topics that deserve much more time and thought than this venue offers. it was not psycho babble--it was real information---listen again to what she said and really hear it be open to what she is giving over. i think it just might be more than you give credit to. No insult to women here---just a lesson on the deeper meaning of the letters of the month. Reply

Chava Rivka New Mexico November 15, 2013

wonderful teaching Thank you for this wonderful insightful teaching. It was wonderful to hear you teach this very deep information. Bless you. Reply

Anonymous November 5, 2013

To Lauren I don't know you or Mrs. Tzukernik but the Alter Rebbe writes in Tanya that there are different types of people and not everyone is inspired by the same thing but that does not mean you should bash something you don't like. Think about how Mrs. Tzukernik feels Love of one's fellow always comes first. Reply

Rabbi Kirsh NY November 4, 2013

Dear S. Very beautiful explanation on the month of Kislev.
Just want to mention something you might had in mind to say about the number 36. we actually kindle on Chanukah 36 candles all together which represent all the 6x6 levels of light.

Shoshana Los Angeles November 4, 2013

Thank you Shimonah - as always you are an inspiration! What a beautiful mediation to take into Kislev Reply

Anonymous Wiscnsin November 4, 2013

Wow, I am not sure what ur background is but your voice is rather is hard to teach to an audience of varied learning, I feel she did a good job, perhaps with what you know you can expound within yourself and thru that reveal what the issue you brought up really is
Alumah. אלומה Reply

zeynep November 3, 2013

Kislev Dear Mrs. Tzukernik, thanks for these presentations. Very insightful and helpful indeed.

Just one question regarding Kislev: I read in another source that Kislev is the last month of autumn; but if I'm not mistaken, you see it as the first month of winter. Or do you mean it like an intro to winter? Reply

Lauren Zahavi November 3, 2013

not impressed Really? With so much in Kislev? The traditional spiritual energy of trust, hope, etc. It's expounded upon in the talmud. 9 out of 10 dreams appear in the parshot during the month of kislev. The concept of the bow and the rainbow. Sleep as a restfulness when there is full trust in Hashem as compared to being spiritually asleep and depending on dreams and astrologers to divine your course. This 8 minutes was really nothing more than general concealment/revealment, the whole nature of Judiaism. I feel that I wasted 8 minutes. I feel this was a total insult to women. We study and we absolutely watered down from any bit of real chasidut learning;more spiritual psuedo psycho babble with a little gematria thrown in for good measure. Reply

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