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The Month of Shevat

Drawing down a line of holiness

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The Month of Shevat: Drawing down a line of holiness

The month of Shevat teaches us how to widen the circles of sanctity and draw down holiness into our everyday lives. Notable events include Moses’ translation of the Torah on the first of Shevat, and the New Year for Trees on the 15th of Shevat.
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Rosh Chodesh, Month, Shevat

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Chanah Schreiber Florida January 11, 2017

Videos First, let me say that your videos are amazing! I began watching them this past Elul and I have learned so much...Thank you! The reason I am writing is I was wondering if the transcripts for the videos are available? It would be so helpful to have the text in hand.
All the best,
Chanah Reply

Anonymous Montreal January 3, 2014

awesome thanks for giving us insights into foods.Could I get your talks on paper, so I can use them easily in my work as a nutritionist! Reply

Sue Risk Kanata January 3, 2014

to Julie, UK Interesting, Julie. I was also a Buddhist for approximately the same time, and most emphatically, there are many parallels to be drawn when comparing these religions. I have a strong feeling that Judaism is a continuum, in some of its circumstances, from the holy wisdom of the Eastern masters prior to the arrival of Jewish concepts.
I was in a non sectarian group, and we studied Kabalah with equal passion and interest.
I have never heard of the holy significance of the months, though, and this is very enriching. When I found out about Tu b'Shevat I loved it, and I found that, around this time, I had been spreading a picnic tablecloth on the living room flor, adding shells and beach things, and then treating myself to a basket of tropical fruits (etc). Canada is so frozen that a person near freezes to death just going out the door! So, yes- this seasons' months are for introspection and faithfulness. The sun is a cold diamond, but it will shine on you in beams of nowness or history. Reply

Leah January 3, 2014

this was just inline with your recent Kabbalah cleanse teleconference, the part of which I was able to hear I really enjoyed.
thank you. Reply

Myriam Gittel Eliora January 1, 2014

Fabulous Shimona.

Your spark is deep and your emuna evident and extending outward into this universe, it has stirred me to involve myself in more learning.
Thank you, may you and those you love be blessed Reply

Carolina Hadassah Pinto Los Angeles December 24, 2013

That was amazing. I wish more Jewish women could engage themselves in Torah like Shimona. I truly believe that a woman prepared in the words of Torah can build a better home. I feel tremendously inspired to work on myself with the holy target of having kidushah in my own family. Thank you. Reply

Vruria Spokane, WA January 19, 2013

A Question Insightful video. But I don't understand this idea of Sparks of the Divine in food. That as we consume literal food and the Divine Sparks go to our brains. Sounds like pantheism Reply

Marlene Lewis Montreal, Quebec, Canada January 14, 2013

I want to thank you Shimona, for this 13 minute video- 13 minutes packed with such insightful information. I feel that you have taught me so much. I will search for more inspirational videos and articles that you have made. Reply

Golda Seattle January 14, 2013

THANK YOU. . I just had an opportunity to veiw this talk. Perfect timing in my lifr. Am helping my daughter through chemo. .Here in Seattle. .And food is definitely an issue. You have clarified some basics for me. I hope to share this with her. Thank you. Reply

Julie UK January 13, 2013

Nothingness This was a very interesting video. I was a Buddhist for 12 years before I choses to call myself Noachide and what you say about the place of stillness and nothingness within, where there is only the connection with the creator is so similar to the Scripture of Great Wisdom of Mayhayana tradition that I cannot but think that the one came out of the other!! Bearing in mind that Judaism is older than Buddhism it would seem that the lost tribes maybe traveled east and the Torah lives within eastern mysticism. When I first found Chabad I was astounded to find a truer version of Buddhist truth here and since then I keep studying and trying to find my way back to Sinai (so to speak) G_d willing. I want to learn more of this kind of thing that you have taught today. Thank you. Reply

Bathsheva Gladstone Branford, CT January 13, 2013

This was great! It had special significance for me. Very quietly uplifting. Thank you! Reply

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