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The Zodiac of Elul

The Kabbalah of the Jewish months

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The Zodiac of Elul: The Kabbalah of the Jewish months

Learn the mystical dimension of the Jewish month embedded in its Hebrew name, mazal, tribe, attribute and more. The Hebrew zodiac for Elul is “besulah” (virgin), a.k.a. Virgo.
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Joao Pedro Souza Matos August 18, 2020

I born on Elul 13, 5754. What does this means astrologically? Please give me some spiritual counsel based on this. Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn Hts August 19, 2020
in response to Joao Pedro Souza Matos:

The numerical value of 13 is Echad-One;
Elul is the acronym for Love.
You have the tools to bring unity between mankind and G-d. And to Display love and kindness; by increasing in acts of goodness and kindness. Reply

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