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Eternal Lights

Let’s keep the Shabbat flame burning

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Eternal Lights: Let’s keep the Shabbat flame burning

In hidden cellars behind the Iron Curtain, at the front lines of an IDF operation, and in the dark shadow of the Holocaust, Jewish women and girls embraced Shabbat with the vibrant flames they kindled. Travel back in time and experience Shabbat candle-lighting from the days of our matriarch Sarah and on. Let’s keep the flame burning on and on . . .
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malka canada January 25, 2014

it shows that we jews have survived thousands generation all over the word, from Yemen inn 1200, to spain in 1481 to russia in 1812 to Germany in 1939. WOW!!!! Reply

Anonymous Colorado May 29, 2013

How beautiful! I've saved this video to my favorites bar so I can look at it often. What is so remarkable about it for me is that I discovered my Jewish soul later in my life and converted. When I stood to light candles the first time in the home of my Chabad family...I felt all those women lighting candles through the ages standing with me, I didn't have the pictures in my mind, only the feeling and this video expresses that feeling so well with those beautiful images. Reply

[email protected] May 24, 2013

Beyond words of inspiration Kol Ha Kavod pictures say thousands of words about this Mitsvah this great eternal Mitsvah. Shabbat Shalom. Sometimes when I daven after or before I light I ask G-d to gather all the Tefillah every said before during and after all the Shabbat Candles being lit in all time. Reply

Anonymous Denmark May 23, 2013

special with daugthers who saw mothers to bless lights of Sabbath. I never saw my mother did it. I self do it at home. Shalom! Reply

Lisa Long Beach, CA May 20, 2013

Empowering This video is so empowering. Simply beautiful and right to the point. Thank you for sharing this. Reply

Anonymous Israel May 17, 2013

Why the disclaimer? Candles are supposed to be lit before Shabbat comes in so why would it matter? Obviously it wasn't Shabbat since lighting fire on Shabbat is forbidden. Reply

angela savigne chicago May 14, 2013

eternal light Shalom, I have watched the video of all the different women women lighting the shabbat candle, I must say it is beautiful to see many women from diffrrent countries lighting. I am a dark skin Cuban Spanish woman who lights the Sabbath candles on Friday eve. I have so much respect our divine father Hashem. I have learned alot and still learning. I read the Torah but I am trying to read torah in hebrew ,that is my goal. May Hashem bless Jerusalem and the Jewish people. Reply

Anonymous May 14, 2013

Eternal Lights When were the eternal lights originated? In Torah or Talmud ? Reply

Anonymous USA May 13, 2013

Eternalk Lights Beautiful!!! It touches me deeply every time I see. Reply

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