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Shabbat Fuel, Food and Bath

Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 32

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Shabbat Fuel, Food and Bath: Intermediate Talmud: Tractate Shabbat, Lesson 32

Returning to the Mishnah, to elucidate the next prohibited kindling substance, “Itran”; seeking the rhyme and reason for this ban on burning. The ensuing narrative goes beyond the technical answer; shedding profound light on the deeper meaning and purpose of the sacred kindling of Shabbat candles. Far more than functional, these lights create the atmosphere of sacred serenity providing not only substance but also style. Sourcing these ideas meanders into bathing and dressing for Shabbat as well as. (Tractate Shabbat 25B)
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Rita Forbes MD October 17, 2018

Hello, Rabbi Kaplan

You presented a very good lesson. You spoke of lighting the candles as creating an ambience for the Shabbat dinner. Could it also be a reminder of the first time G-d said let their be light as well. Six days HaShem created and on the seventh day HaShem rested. On Shabbat we enter into that rest where we close the door to the cares of the world and we commune and are intimate with our creator. I was thinking we could use electric candles, but that would not do. HaShem gave us all that is pure and good; Himself. You spoke of the energy of communion in the house on Shabbat. HaShem loves to eat too (your previous lesson) and to be surrounded by His family!!!

Thank you, Reply

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