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CTeen "Whenever Wherever" Event

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CTeen "Whenever Wherever" Event

Watch a live broadcast featuring Jewish teens from across the globe fired up to make a world of a difference and change the status quo for good. This inspirational event is the climax of the annual CTeen Shabbaton, where over 2,000 Jewish teens convene in New York for an unforgettable weekend of inspiration, Jewish pride and unity. This year’s theme is “whenever and wherever.”
Youth, Adolescence

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Joseph March 3, 2022

I am a jew I like what they are doing. Reply

Martin Boxer Brooklyn February 27, 2022

Which indoor facility was used for this? Reply

slh and cmb February 27, 2022

goooooooooooooo inez!!!!
your awesome! Reply

Chauncy Cummings Granada Hills February 27, 2022

We need the youth to wake up and take responsibility from a moral perspective. Thank you all, keep up the good work and spreading your voice far and wide. Reply

H Timmerman Netherlands February 27, 2022

Keep up the good Jewish Work!!!
Greetz from the Netherlands Reply

Joseph C. Moore Lake Ariel February 27, 2022

My aging brain cannot recall all the Jewish ballplayers who would not play on Saturdays (Sabbath) but Hank Greenburg, Sandy Kofax (big league players) were a few who would not break religious convictions. Reply

Yehuda February 28, 2022
in response to Joseph C. Moore :

Koufax DID play on Saturdays. However he skipped game 1 of the 1965 World Series because it was Yom Kippur. In the previous years he had played on Yom Kippur but only after sundown, not knowing that Yom Kippur [and Shabbos and all Jewish holidays], actually ended at nightfall, not with sundown. Reply

[USN Ret.] Joseph C. Moore Lake Ariel, PA March 3, 2022
in response to Yehuda:

Yehuda, I am very appreciative of your correction concerning Kofax. Good information. Shalom. Reply

Esther Guitmann Rio de Janeiro Brasil February 27, 2022

Can It be in portuguese? Reply

Rosalena Florida February 27, 2022

Me too! Reply

Vlad February 27, 2022

Shalom Reply

Shoshana February 27, 2022

Amaaazinnnng! Love to all!! 🦋 ✨ Reply

James Marlow Southwater February 24, 2022

I’d love to be there to celebrate this together Reply

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