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CTeen Concert at Times Square - 2015

Featuring Gad Elbaz

February 28, 2015 8:45 PM
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CTeen Concert at Times Square - 2015: Featuring Gad Elbaz

A special event for Jewish teens in New York’s Time Square displaying Jewish pride and unity, featuring a special havdalah ceremony, inspiration and concert.
Youth, Adolescence

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Anonymous July 28, 2016

I can't stop watching
Wish i was there!! Reply

Shoshanna 17110-Pa July 14, 2015

Hashem Melech Hashem Malach Hashem Eloch Leolam Vaed
Sorry if I spelled wrong..I'm bad at transliteration. Reply

agapimou lisbon May 27, 2015

Such beautiful songs! Melancolic, sweet, melodic, enticing. Even 'Hatikva' sounds like this. I love jewish tunes. Reply

Craig March 13, 2015

A heartwarming display of our youth and our people that touches our Neshumas Reply

Anonymous March 4, 2015

WOW! Amazing! Hashem bless you all! Reply

Rosita Klar Blau BRAZIL-Sao Paulo March 2, 2015

Toda Raba Chabad....

My heart sing with them. Reply

Roya Santa Monica March 2, 2015

Beautiful Thank you for another amazing year. Reply

Stacey March 1, 2015

And then there were tears of joy. Baruch Hashem! Reply

Etty Florida March 1, 2015

יפה מאוד כל הכבוד
תודה רבה חבד
Great planing with the best intentions from the Chabad org.
Thank you so much
My daughter had fun
Thank you
ברוך השם
Increíble evento gracias Chabad Reply

lidia March 1, 2015

Beautiful, inspiring and energizing!
Kol ha Kavod for organizing it. Reply

Faiga Boca Raton March 1, 2015

Boruch Hashem! Thank you for another wonderful Cteen Shabbaton which has inspired our children to help make the world a better place! Reply

LISA MIAMI FL March 1, 2015

thank you Chabad,

grandma. Reply

Roman Gurnee, IL February 28, 2015

Thank You Great evening and thank You so much. Reply

A Mom from Florida February 28, 2015

Great job, Chabad!!! Reply

Molly Resnick February 28, 2015

Kudos Cteen! What a Kidush Hashem So Jewish, So inspiring, So Geshmak, (BH even Tznius)
Keep it up!!!
And May you Go from Strength to Strength Reply

Larry nyc February 28, 2015

wow that is so beautiful and inspiring Reply

Anonymous Georgia, USA February 28, 2015

So Wonderful !!! It made our hearts sing with pride !! So proud to be Jewish !!! Reply

Mile small Sunny isles Florida February 28, 2015

Great keep up the good work Mike from sunny isles Florida Reply

Anonymous February 28, 2015

Beautiful an amazing event. Wish I was the there concert was amazing Reply

Anonymous Thornhill Ontario Canada February 28, 2015

Guta Vooch and Frailache Purim

This was a very inspiring evening and performance.Thank you Gad Elbaz,I loved the music.My kids wondered how it would sound and I told them Lubavitch has the technology to make it sound and look amazing.Yasher Koach to all The Shaluchim who participated. Reply

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