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This Is Why I Skipped Prom

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This Is Why I Skipped Prom

Nicole Abitol shares her journey from a high-school girl who hid her Jewishness to a proud Jew.
Youth, Adolescence

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Anonymous USA May 21, 2020

Beautiful and inspiring message. All teens, and everyone should watch this video! Reply

Mottel Australia February 28, 2017

Very inspiring that's exactly what I will do😜✌🏻 Reply

dini queens July 26, 2016

awesome she did the best much nachas Reply

Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 16, 2015

Wow...I go through that everyday stuggleing too find a place,struggleing to be accepted,walking a thin line..I don't know I still struggle...I'm lost...but you have helped me a little bit. Thank you so much. Reply

Sarah Masha WB, MI, USA via February 11, 2014

It doesn't sound like you missed a thing. Reply

Anonymous February 8, 2014

All that need to be said: WOW. thank you for sharing Reply

Gershon ben Yaacov Chattanooga, Tennessee via February 7, 2014

One can participate in the Physical army and the spiritual army, either simultaneously, or not. Reply

Ann Cohen Brooklyn New York February 7, 2014

One of the most inspirational videos I ever saw. Reply

Michal February 6, 2014

That's my friend! I'm so proud of you and you have inspired me to continue growing so so much! May you continue learning and spreading Yiddishkeit everyone Reply

Barbara Novak February 6, 2014

Inspirational She has abandoned her egos at a young age. Very impressive and she is teaching us a big lesson. Reply

Anonymous Israel February 5, 2014

i didnt go to the prom either and that was in '56 a long time ago i went to public school and asked the principal to change the date(of course the food wasnt kosher so i wasnt planning on eating) he said fri nite was cheaper so i was home for Shabbat where i belonged and graduated w/honors anyway! now we r happily living in Israel and our grandchildren and gr grandchildren who live here will never know about a prom or homecoming they are HOME B"H
kol hakavod to you stay strong! Reply

Holly February 5, 2014

beautiful This looks like something I would really enjoy.... would you please check your volume? I have troubles turning it on!!

Holly Reply

Michael Greenfield Tamarac FL February 5, 2014

A sage girl who gets it! What a beautiful person whose actions serve as a role model to other Jewish youth. She has found fulfilment in Judaism and in herself at a very young age. Life is about making good choices and she has prioritized them. Reply

Janice February 5, 2014

Skip Prom Most of American culture is poison to the soul of everyone; so a safe Harbor, is in HaShem and His Covenants; don't have to invent yourself, He created you with purpose; life's a journey with a well trod path; He'll show you. Reply

Anonymous February 4, 2014

This is why I skipped prom What an elegant and intelligent young woman , and with such a sense of focus.
You are a role model not only to other teens , but to much older people like me too, with your inspiring dedication and strength. Thank you! Reply

Samantha Leon February 4, 2014

You are truly nothing short of an inspiration. Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I though I heard an Irish tune called Drowsy Maggie playing at the beginning of the video. It can be found on YouTube and it's also in the third class party scene of the movie Titanic. Reply

Anonymous February 2, 2014

So beautiful- if only I could serve Hashem with the same newfound love that this girl has for Torah and Chassidus.

Brought tears to my eyes.

May you go from strength to strength! Reply

Anonymous January 25, 2014

so inspirational. go Nicole!! Reply

chana daytona florida January 22, 2014

GO NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM DAYTONA FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Nicole Talia Tehilla Abitbol Israel January 16, 2014

Hey that's me:) Thank you so much for your comments. Thank Gd I have found this beautiful path of life that just directs me in all ways to Hashem. There's no better life:) Reply

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