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CTeen Concert and Jewish Pride at Times Square - 2019

The Hightlight of the 11th Annual Cteen Shabbaton; Featuring Yaakov Shweky

February 23, 2019 8:45 PM
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CTeen Concert at Times Square - 2019: The Hightlight of the 11th Annual Cteen Shabbaton; Featuring Yaakov Shweky

Jewish teens gather in New York displaying Jewish pride and unity; featuring a special havdalah ceremony, meaningful inspiration and an exhilarating concert.
Youth, Adolescence

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Ruchel Zwebner Israel February 29, 2020

WOW! what a kiddish Hashem! I got goose bumps watching so many teens having a wonderful time! Keep up the amazing work. The Rebbe would be so proud. Reply

Manpreet Israel Yonkers February 27, 2020

G-d bless the people of G-d. Reply

Rivka Cotlar :) Cary North Carolina March 1, 2019

Go Cary, NC Best group ever!! Miss you, Leann, Alexandra, Miriam (The Girls)
Cant wait!! Enjoy Reply

Gladys López Bs As Argentina February 25, 2019

Qué hermoso evento!!! Habrá sido maravilloso estar allí presente y además poder escuchar cantar a Yaakob Swekey en vivo. Baruj HaShem por la bellisima voz que le obsequió!!! Reply

B Howell victoria BC Canada February 24, 2019

So proud of Jewish Pride....wish it was there when I was a teen. Onward and upward guys!! Reply

Sue Smith Southern Ohio February 24, 2019

Awesome event! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY February 24, 2019

Who is the warm-up singer at the beginning, singing Havdalah and the "CTeen Anthem"? (The video is a bit garbled at about the time he started singing, and it's still not synched with the audio.) On the screen, it looks like a man in a fedora and kapota, with a beard. (I don't think he's someone different than Yaakov Shwekey?) Reply

Yanky February 25, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

He is not Shwekey Reply

M BROOKLYN February 26, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

The first singer is Rabbi Boruch Gancz Reply

Anonymous February 25, 2019
in response to Yanky:

Thank you. SO: Who is he? Reply

Anonymous Long Branch February 24, 2019

Beautiful!!! Reply

sheldon jaro st petersburg February 24, 2019

awesome jewish pride Reply

Michele Florida February 24, 2019

Feeling connected and experiencing Jewish pride is a wonderful thing for them. They are the next generation. Reply

Jaclyn Barnes Jerusalem February 24, 2019

Wow this is completely awesome watching these teens.Because they are the future of Chabad G-d Bless them and give,them the needed.Strength to go forward at this time in there lives!!!! Reply

Shirley Estupinan Orem, UT February 24, 2019

Such a beautiful bunch of young people! I Love this celebration to elevate our next of kin! Reply

Charnie NYC February 24, 2019

Wish this was around when I was a teenager! Hope all of you have a marvelous time visiting NYC. LShana has a v’Yerushalyim. Reply

Evelyn Levy Johannesburg February 24, 2019

I am so disappointed when I tried to play back Live video there was no sound? Reply Staff February 24, 2019
in response to Evelyn Levy:

Sorry to hear that, it should work now. Can you please try again? Reply

Anonymous Texas February 24, 2019

Awesome🔯 Reply

Michael B Flanigan Chesapeake February 23, 2019

Loving it Reply

Lon. The Meadows, NV, USA February 23, 2019

Am afraid this is for a niche or genre which has not graced me with inclusion. For the youth. Back to my naps. (they 'think" I am napping. Ha!). Wow. As I am texting out this post am hearing some mighty fine vocals. May choose to stay for a bit before rest. Reply

Anonymous Ct February 23, 2019

What was the name of the App that you can watch and listen to the teaching of The Rebbe? Reply

Anonymous February 23, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Living torah Reply

F February 24, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Living Torah Reply

Responce Australia February 24, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Living Torah app Reply

billie bickers phoenix February 23, 2019

your music and kids are incredible....thank you. Reply

Anonymous Chicago February 23, 2019


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