Why Are Things Going Wrong?

The invisible G-d and hidden good

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Why Are Things Going Wrong?: The invisible G-d and hidden good

A candid texting conversation between a teen and a rabbi about the big questions we all have but are afraid to ask.
Youth, Divine Providence, Concealed Good, Adolescence

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Anonymous March 19, 2014

Great video. But I do not see how it answers the question, "Why are so many things going wrong?" Reply

Leah Portland Oregon February 26, 2023
in response to Anonymous:

My exact thought, the question wasn't answered. Reply

Lyone Ohio March 19, 2014

I disagree with "the only reason you can't see God is because He doesn't want you to."

I think that the reason we don't see God is that we are so full of ourselves. In fact, God very much wants us to see Him. But we are so busy looking at ourselves: MY life, MY desires, MY agenda, MY things.

Just like the kid in the video....all he cared about was his own stuff and the things going on in his small life. But when you stop being so focused on yourself, and start paying attention to others around you--their lives, their suffering, their needs--and you start doing something about it, then you start seeing God. Even if you just start paying attention to the amazing beauty in the world.........Just focus on something other than yourself!!

Self involvement is the biggest obstacle to seeing God. Reply

Bill miler china March 18, 2014

True happens to me 247 Reply

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