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A Lesson from the Apollo Mission

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A Lesson from the Apollo Mission

Everything can teach us a lesson on how to serve G-d better. The same is true about something that happened during one of the Apollo Mission landings
Action; Deed, Space Exploration

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Anonymous Los Angeles, CA February 25, 2010

Pray to G-d Great question.. and it offers an opportunity to let you know about the Seven Laws to Noahides. Please search Seven Noahide on ...and always know that you can pray directly to G-d. He is there fo ALL of us! Reply

chaya yehudis melbourne, australia February 24, 2010

Beautiful as usual Thanks for bringing an extra big smile to my face this morning, Taanis Esther.
To Anonymous, check out the seven Noahide Laws, they probably are what you are looking for. Reply

Anonymous Ottawa, Canada February 24, 2010

Mitzvah and non Jew 24 Feb 2010
Thank you Rabbi Mentz for the Appollo Mission story and the little boy`s hand. As a space buff, I really enjoyed that story. (You may know that the late Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli spaceman took a miniature Torah with him into space.) I am also the Dad of a 12-year old boy and I want to inspire him each day to try make this world a better place. But I am not a Jew, nor is he, and my wife is atheist. I do my bit everyday, I pray and try to explain what is right, better and best. What does the Torah say about us Gentiles and guidance when praying? Reply

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