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An Astronaut's Chanukah Adventure

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An Astronaut's Chanukah Adventure

Buckle up for a Chanukah celebration in... Space Shuttle Discovery! Astronaut Jeff Hoffman hosts the celebration courtesy of NASA.
Chanukah, Space Exploration

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Sam Kulik Montreal, Canada November 5, 2019

The first Jew in space was Boris Volynov who was in Soyez 5 and Soyez 21 for the Soviet Union Reply

Binyomin Moshe Konikov Satellite Beach, Florida December 4, 2018

actually he is from my Chabad center. I think his name is kaufman. Reply

Dusty Norfolk, VA December 16, 2008

An Astronaut's Chanukah Adventure That is amazing, Good inspirational video! Reply

Anonymous skokie, IL December 15, 2008

that was so cool!!! Reply

becca k December 15, 2008

I can't wait to show my kids! My boys are going to be so excited when they see this! Regarding what the "wannabe astronaut" said in the previous comment, rather than making me feel sad that someone Orthodox might forgo his opportunity for spaceflight so he can light his Chanukiah (which would actually be so cool and inspirational to others, I think), it made me appreciative of being able to light our menorah this year with no barrier of any kind! Reply

Simon Glass Worcester, UK December 6, 2007

Mitzva In Space I feel that proud that we are able to celebrate Chanukah on the special and unique occasion of a space flight. Reply

Patrick December 2, 2007

proud jew! very nice Reply

shanyn spangler hillard, ohio January 22, 2007

© Copyright Jewish Educational Media that video was so cool i love it it really gave me some details for my project thank you it was full of infomation and i loved itt i got to use that video for my project and it good me a very good grade lol !
thanks Reply

Anonymous France December 21, 2006

great ! A very good publicity for this festival Reply

Wannabe Astronaught December 21, 2006

Missed Opportunities I am saddened by this video. Were he an orthodox jew he would have had to give up his once in a lifetime chance to fly into space in order to light a few candles for 10 minutes in the evening down on earth. Reply

Zipora Yonina Kestenberg Fort Worth, TX December 27, 2005

Channukkah in outer space This site and ALL on it is a wonderful, delightful, insightful and miraculous creative effort that should be shown and enjoyed on cable tv worldwide!!! Not just the 8 days of Channukkah and Miracles, ALL you do throughout the year! Thank you and G-d Bless! Reply

Dudi Liebermann Sydney, NSW July 13, 2005

Outerspace The video display of America's enthusiasm to display the lights of Chanuka on board the Endevour is heartwarming. It is not everyday that an astronaut has the opportunity to display a spiritual light in the deepest physical darkness of space.

NASA's openmindedness toward space travel assists in providing awareness to the multidimensional universe that we live in. So too the light of the menorah is for all to see, and better still - in times of spiritual darkness.

Shifra Kiffel Southfield February 7, 2021
in response to Dudi Liebermann:

תודה זה מאד יפה
!זה מגניב מאוד יפה

תודה Reply

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