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Children of Israel

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Children of Israel

The meaning of -- Yisrael -- the name of all Jews.

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Anonymous Netherlands August 17, 2015

datan was datan a son of Israel and Korah coming out of the blood line of Yaakov Reply

Ishak Zakaria Manado, Indonesia October 17, 2012

A refreshment for my soul. The teachings here has destroyed all my bad perspective about Torah. I thought Torah is to heavy and impossible for men to absorb. Now it 's clearly that the Torah is about love that G-d wants us to learn so we would be able to be become blessings for others. Beside, it's Soooo interesting and enjoyable! Thanks Rabbi Chaim for the teachings. Baruch HaShem! Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma January 8, 2011

acronyms I didn't know Israel was an Acronym, made up of the names of very important men and women in our past.

I do love acronyms of all kinds, because the acronym itself seems to express something very deep. As in, The Museum of Tolerance, in Israel, the MOT. In French MOT is WORD. And it is also the beginning of moth and mother. Moths are transformative, as butterflies, and mothers of course are for nurturance.

ALMA, the Museum in Watertown, MA, is an acronym that does involve the memory of the Armenian genocide and it's a museum that honors that history and also present musicians, artists, and poets of all kinds. ALMA, in Latin, means SOUL.

So yes, I see it and how this could be.

What is so amazing is that ISRAEL, is REAL and we do have a homeland after so much suffering. There are many enduring problems to resolve, of course, that do involve all of us, all people living in the area they would want to call home. Reply

Anonymous Cape Coral, Florida December 28, 2010

My Grand Parents Also! If my great grandparent are of the seven great Jewis leader parents and I was not born Jewish wouldn't you think they would watch over me also? I don't think that they would deny me as one of thier grand children!! Would they have it in thier soul to deny? Reply

Linda Slotzberg Longueuil, quebec October 13, 2010

basic judaism Short and interesting speeches, very to the point. Reply