Mastering Time

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Mastering Time

No, this is not a time management seminar. Rather it is a close up look at the very first Biblical Commandment to the Jewish People – Be A Master of Your Time. In an era where technology allows us to accomplish in minutes what used to take days, one needs to ask, “where has all the free time gone?”
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Anonymous Arizona May 6, 2016

Where are you Moshe Bryski? We have missed you very much and your teachings.
The Downes Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma March 4, 2012

Emet Truth A plum and a plumb role Time in English read backwards is emit. When we talk about the sephirot, in Kabbalah we are describing, what emits from the Source, as in light, as from the sun. Our Hebrew word for truth, Emet, is close to Emit.
The more we examine words and their cross connects across the world of languages, the greater we see, a deep weave, a gold braid. I say G_d invented language and we are all of us downloading from the same Source. What is beautiful, is this constancy of perception. We all do this, in names and naming, but how many ask, as I do, why is it, language is this remarkable clay in our hands. Surely I know, as you might, the mystics were correct and that this world became emergent from the letters, and the potentials within.

Once you see this you realize the beauty of this constant unfolding truth, and that we're here to share this wealth, as we do, so often, here on Chabad.

The miracle of this brings me to my knees, and I think anyone who is deeply observant of these truths, same. Reply

Anonymous February 27, 2012

So Moving Thank you, Rabbi, for this wonderful lecture. I am one of those (single, female) Jews who has lived for years in a community and never got invited for Shabbat -- or holidays -- even though I joined a Conservative synagogue. When you started talking about that I wept. When my mother, may her memory be for a blessing, passed away in another part of the country while I was ill and couldn't travel, no one came to my door, called, or offered to help me. When my father, may his memory be for a blessing, passed last year, a friend offered to hold two nights of shiva in her home but her (Reconstructionist) rabbi didn't bother to answer the call for a minyan (some congregants attended, one of the nights) or even contact me.
Now, G-d has put a Chabad family 5 minutes from my home. They have already welcomed me for Shabbat 3 times, and made me feel a part of their family.
I am still teary-eyed but thankful. G-d bless you. I'm sharing this talk.

What are the other 3 lectures in this series? Reply

Ms. melly rose January 16, 2012

Mastering Time I can''t even say anything. I am so moved.This lesson you teach cannot not effect me and my life. That would be the same as "going on the most beautiful cruise, and staying in my room-to top it off the TV:is all static and I don't change channel. That's what it would be like if I wasn't "moved" also to make changes in my life. Thank u so much,
Melrose Reply

Chaim Avrohom (Rick Holiday) Monsey, NY June 13, 2011

Shalom Rabbi Bryski I plan on downloading your lectures onto my MP3 player so they will keep me company on my weekly commute to Albany, New York. I am Tami Holiday's (Podell) brother, Rick Holiday. I love your humor which makes lectures on Yiddishkeit so much more enjoyable. Yasher Koach!! Reply

Ms. marcela Mayim Mordechai May 5, 2011

today Today is the day! Typing here and now, that's life of the life and I'll find my way back. May all the blessings of the Eternal be granted to you and your family. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma May 4, 2011

of Time and the River I will add this to my commentary, just sent to Chabad, and that is, right after writing this, my husband came in with today's Boston Globe.
I sat down to read it and instantly saw an article portraying clocks in photos, and about a new installation video coming to our Museum of Fine Arts about clocks.

Time is something we cannot ever hold on to, except in memory, except in photographs and in writing. This is how we stop the river, in a temporary, perhaps illusory way, how we record time. How we "mark it".

It's about FLOW, a mysterious thing, as in the river, as in water running. We are all part of the flow, part of the River of life, and what flows within us too, being blood, is salty.

God made a Covenant with us, of salt, and I am feeling deeply, now, NOW, make it NOW

I am feeling a pulse, and that pulse is about a Promise, made a long long time ago, and yes, it is Messianic, and No, I have no idea how this will happen. I just feel it, madly, deeply, the hands of Time: Divine. Reply

ruth housman marshfield, ma May 4, 2011

Jacques Brel re Mastering Time
yesterday my husband and I were teaching a class about the lyric poet, Jacques Brel, who is a household name, in France.

his song, that incorporates time and aging, The Old Folks, is very deep very sad, and very much about all of us. Brel uses the word "thyme" in the song, and not, TIME, but the song is redolent of the clock, The Old Silver Clock when day is done...

To watch old videos of Brel singing this deeply sad song, is to see how he uses his hands to represent the hands of the clock, of time.

Thyme is one of our seasonings, from the Garden. And Time and the River, about our lives.

We are surely seasoned by life, and we pass through so many stages, so many seasons, some the winter of our lives, and others the spring, and the blossomings. We draw from the same deep, deep, well.

I think to make use of our time, to use it well, to draw from the well, is to realize we're all in this together, and that LOVE is truly, the answer. Reply

Vinetta London, United Kingdom May 3, 2011

How Beautiful! Thank you Rabbi. This has truly blessed me. May G-d continues to bless you and give you the right words to express His heart to His people. Reply

Linda Longueuil, quebec December 25, 2010

mastering time Once again, as always, this is a marvelous and very touching lecture, thanks!!! Reply

Janice Denver, CO October 7, 2010

The Beauty of the Return is that in order to truly appreciate the return, there had to have had a leaving.

The woman who's father had left, it was his gift to her for a glorious return. Enjoy the gift!

G-d leaves nothing wasted. Reply

Anonymous sharon, ma October 7, 2010

Hurray! Thank you - May G-d bless you and your family with health and success in your important work. Your vibrant inspiration is a gift you are so well taking advantage of!!! Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma October 6, 2010

the many petalled rose: what is fragrant Beauty IS Truth:

Of course the word leads is aurally in bleeds itself and leader is to lieder. This symphony has a conductor.

To see what bleeds and succor. Tikkun olam. LOVE.

Yes, ruah, soul, breath, of heart and mind, , to wake to smell the roses, present is gift.

Go to the symphony!

Words that convey beauty, as beauty is truth. The poets are singing. The i sing on the cake.

I do deeply believe we are moving towards this, towards a world of knowledge, of praise, that is prays. The keys are in the words.

To be tossed the keys is to perceive a deep unity to all life, and to kneel in prayer, in love, in awe.

As day, is to DEI, another word for Divinity.

It's what you are saying, but each day, is the first day, of creation. So every day, is Shabbat, and that's where the Messiah resides.

Work should be about joy, about passion, about love. Then it is not work.

True identity is I love, therefore I am.

I follow my heart.

We can learn it all from the garden. Reply

Anonymous September 21, 2010

Mastering Time Indeed you taught me the Jewishness of the bible and what is meant to take account of my life this day (today) and to enrich my intimacy with G-d and Moshiach. Reply

David Perth, Australia July 20, 2010

mastering time Thank you, thank you, thankyou, a truly outstanding and life changing lecture. Reply

Judith Anne jacksonville, fl May 26, 2010

Love of Israel I was raised catholic but i love the jewish people and israel. Rabbi Moshe makes me better person and moves my heart. Reply

Anonymous Miami Beach, Fl/USA April 19, 2010

Chabad Video Course I lost my job, and was becoming increasingly depressed. I guess G-d has found a way for me to have the time needed to truly use my time which G-d gave over to us. My job no longer pursues my entire life, and depression over loss of my job is no longer overcoming my entire life. Your course on Mastering Time gave my insight in trying to use my time to daven, study Talmud (I haven't studied Talmud in over 10 years with the excuse of no time, and no good Talmud sessions at my limited level), and to achieve a more meaningful life.
Thank you and Thank G-d Reply

Linda Wasserman via chabadconejo.com April 15, 2010

Jewish T.V. Wow Rabbi Bryski,
This is amazing....almost as good as going to Agoura.
Thanks so much!!! What will you think of next?
This is sooo cool! Reply

Cyndy Downey, Ca February 5, 2010

I love at the end of the lecture, how the Jews that were going to killed, still observed the Shabbat. I not Jewish, but I still feel the love of G-d through Chabad.org. I'm a Christian. I love this site Reply

Gary L. Sorensen Ida Grove, IA November 12, 2009

Moshe Bryski I am not Jewish, I wasn't born a Jew, I have no idea what some of the words Moshe said meant (until he spoke the same words in English), I couldn't understand the words but I DID understand the meaning. Thanks to a rabbi I sent a message to when I first started listening to speeches and teachings here on Chbad.org, I said to myself "How wonderful it must be to have been born a Jew." I am totally uneducated about Judeaism (probably spelled wrong) I think I now know what a Mitzfa is and what shabat is, How WONDERFUL!!
Thank you Rabbi and Thank you Rabbi moshe Bryski. I will try again to think of all I heard next Friday night. I don't know if Jewish people say "God Bless you" If it is then may he do so. Reply

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