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The Jewish Pathology

“You Can Run but You Can’t Hide!”

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The Jewish Pathology: “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide!”

Through humor and inspirational stories, this lecture will examine the deep and awesome dynamics of the Jewish soul and its identity.
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Jewishness; Jewish Identity

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Anonymous toronto January 16, 2015

torah and charity A Jew should always invest in more Torah, commandments and charity. Reply

steven sarasota October 26, 2014

I thank you Rabbi from the places in my heart I never knew existed. Reply

Amichai Schneller mn February 26, 2014

very nice. This was very nice. Reply

Anonymous Mexico City December 26, 2013

Very inspirational Thank you very much for your words Rabbi, they have moved me to tears. It's very true that a Jew will always be able to return home, to his or her heritage. Reply

Anonymous Cornwall UK August 10, 2012

Moshe Bryski - The Jewish Pathology 'The Ancestor Effect,' article by Peter Fischer and others in'The European Journal of Social Psychology' Vol 41. Issue 1.February 2011. Reply

Anonymous August 10, 2012

Rabbi Bryski - The Jewish Pathology Thank you for explaining this. As a Jew I have to define myself as a 'devout agnostic' and your talk showed me that the one does not cancel out the other. Your conclusion that identity is confirmed and enriched by connection with one's origins ties up with recent secular research in Germany with the practical effects of this phenomenon, the so-called 'ancestor effect'. I pointed this out to David Rosmarin who is researching the beneficial influence of Judaism on the mental health of orthodox Jews and he agreed there is a connection. I would give the name of the German professor but I seem to be having a 'senior moment'. Whereas, I was wondering and deducing on this subject, your talk, in a different context, brought it all together for me. It is so inspiring to find that modern science, though so young in comparison with our ancient wisdom, can discover in it facts which justify it in contemporary thought. It supports the contention that Torah is of eternal divine origin. Reply

linda longueuil, canada August 10, 2012

the jewish pathology Once again, and as usual, your lectures are FANTASTIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Sun City, AZ August 9, 2012

Your series This is our first exposure to your videos, awesome, thank you. We are looking foward to seeing all of them. Reply

Ms. Cema Milicich via May 13, 2012

Essence of What I am- Jews Heritage What a beautiful and inspiring wake-up. Your message was a bless to my life. As you said: .."go, claim it".
Isaias 11:11
Thank You. Obrigada
Shalom Reply

Miss Yisraela Parnou November 26, 2011

Amen ve Amen baruch hashem! Reply

bob maram the hague, holland August 27, 2010

the jewish pathology i was so moved. thank you and bless you Reply

Gina jasper, Ar/USA June 21, 2010

another great lecture Thank you Rabbi, I always enjoy your lectures. i too, have come home. Reply

Miss Martha Gessa June 4, 2010

I am so happy to hear this today Rabbi. I always have guilt for not going to syngogue regularly (although not only on the High Holidays).

I am a single parent and even though we observe Shabbat alot of times I only make it to Saturday Shabbos service.

You make it a very enlighting lecture and at least I don't have 100% guilt.
Thank you!!! Reply

Maria Martinez Monte Vista, Colorado May 26, 2010

The Jewish Pathology. Rabbi, I enjoyed your lecture very much and also your humor. The lecture was informative and inspiring. I hope to see more by you in the future. Thank you very much. Reply

Jan Schulman Oxnard, CA May 25, 2010

Wonderful! Thank you Rabbi. This was so very excellent! I know many people to whom I will forward this (gettng them to read it however is another matter of course). I was rivited by the stories you told and the points you made. I am one of those Jews who "came back" from a long period of hiatus. And yes, it felt like I was coming back to my family. Reply

Cole Tepper San Diego, CA May 24, 2010

Rabbi, this speech should be made public on every channel. I have sent it to my own father, one of the many "I don't believe in organized religion" types mentioned. Hopefully he can feel your message and supplement a minyan sometime for your nephew at Chabad TO. Reply

Anonymous Cleveland, OH May 24, 2010

Thank you Rabbi Bryski I really enjoyed this lecture very much. Thank you. Reply

Carol H''ville, USA May 17, 2010

Thank you! Thank you Rabbi. Your messages are always very inspiring. This message hit home.

Please continue inspiring us with your messages.

Thank you again, Reply

Rina Brand maale adumim, Israel May 13, 2010

morasha This is one of the most inspiring lessons I have ever heard....I think I will start writing my own Book for all of my grandchildren.
To know where they they have come from.
to know where they are going. Reply

Anonymous LA, CA May 12, 2010

The jewish pathology I am really impressed with this lecture, and true to reality were all the examples.I recognize some of my friends in these people. This lecture made me feel a lot stronger and I will try to listen again with my children Reply