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Who’s Minding the Spirit?

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Who’s Minding the Spirit?

No matter how accomplished, happy, wealthy or talented you may be, at some point you’ll find yourself seeking a deeper meaning in life. You have read the works of every kind of philosopher, psychologist and spiritualist imaginable. It is time you look within – within your hearts, your souls, your heritage – and unleash the spirit within you.
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Anonymous Los Angeles December 28, 2017

Sreaching Thank you for this lecture it really help me Reply

Anonymous san fernando August 29, 2016

Great talk Great Reply

r g Tzfat July 28, 2015

'Wow' doesn't even suffice I've been studying chassidus for over 20 years now, and while listening to your lecture I finally got it! You have such a wonderful way of bringing these ephemeral ideas down to our level. Reply

edward klarberg suffern,n.y. December 28, 2014

Daer Rabbi Byrski,
Words can not say how much i enjoy your lectures,a few years ago after going to chabad my wife who was not feeling good asked the rabbi for a blesing for good health,he made a deal with her if she light candles every shabos night he would pray for her anf for the past years she light candles every friday night with very few misses,recently i bought her new fancy candle holders but she wanted to light those 2 candles that her grandparents ought her back from israel over 40 years ago,her last mitzvah was to light those candles friday night may 16th,and go to sleep only to wake shabos morning suffering a life taking stroke. soon we errect a monument in her honor and on that stone will be engraved 2 candle holders just like the ones she lit that last shabos,and my daughter now lights candles every friday night. i know these candles are the light of her soul Reply

Daniel Barrell London July 4, 2014

Rabbi!! this was completley wow, thank you so so so much. The soul thirsts for G-d, and we in exile, put it on hold, it is so sad and we just need to push forward with a decent amount of effort and G-d will meet us over half way.
I think the most important rule is to stay in the moment, to live in the second you are living and not look back or forward as both will cause anxiety.
Mind blowing, heart pounding words, utterly uplifting Reply

Ilayaraja Chennai, India March 30, 2010

Thank You for your inspiration I always want to write some wonderfull inspiring comment back. I just never find the words. I found your words inspiring. I listened to this twice! Reply

Dr. Gregorio Nosovsky January 30, 2010

Dear Rabbi:
You made that call!! I answered. G-d knows that I'll answer my jewish calls. Than you for touching my jewish soul. Reply

S November 16, 2009

WOW! Thank you Rabbi! I haven't found anything as inspiring and uplifting as you lectures! You really bring a love and connection to G-d like no one else does. And so practical too. Thank you for the inspiration! Reply

Hal November 13, 2009

Thank You for your inspiration I always want to write some wonderfull inspiring comment back. I just never find the words. I found your words inspiring. I listened to this twice!

Thank you! Reply

Anonymous Kapolei, HI via November 11, 2009

Perfect timing Dear Rabbi Bryski,
I just discovered the videos on the Chabad website. Yours was the first one I watched and listened to. What timely words! Your message came exactly at an intersection in my life. It's perfect timing. Thank you! Reply

Anonymous Bakersfield, Ca. November 10, 2009

One of the best yet! Dear Rabbi Bryski, You had me weeping in Bakersfield. Excellent guidance for bringing children up with the warmth and involvement that is key to their Jewish identity and personal experience. Reply

david via November 5, 2009

thank you another winner rabbi bryski, thank you!! Reply