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The Hero In You

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The Hero In You

The definition of greatness and heroism by Judaism is quite different than the way society today looks at them. What makes a hero? Who are your and your children’s heroes? Most importantly, how can you rise from a life of mediocrity and find that hero within?
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William E. Baumzweiger Studio City October 5, 2014

Judaism, Positive Dyads (+ Relationships), and Unifications (HaShem) In All Things Rabbi Bryski, as I listen to The Hero In You, I'm realizing that you are not only inspirational, as usual, but you are speaking to the very work that I am doing, that HaShem, is behind all of the "Oneness" that can be seen, in more or less complete form, all aspects of the Cosmos and of human spiritual life here on Earth, as is exemplified by Judaism. Actually Judaic Culture was predated by the people of the Copper Age. Then Copper was alloyed with Tin to make much harder Bronze. I'm sure you know a great deal about the Bronze Age. The great conflict in our culture which I call Small Society Cultures Vs. Imperial Society Cultures actually started with the people of the Copper Age but is now defined as "Anti-Semitism". The Cosmological development of the Universe as well as the Laws of Physics are involved with this and I'm currently relearning my higher mathematics and Physics as well as the conflict / dependencies between Small Society Cultures and Imperial Society Cultures. Reply

Norah Tx August 19, 2014

I cannot find the right words to express the way you have blessed me. I would like to believe that it was our G_d who woke me up at 1:30a.m. I prepared some coffee. I read a few of the stories listed on Chabad.org. They are all a blessing to me. Your study has touched the most inner parts of my heart. I can only say: I pray G_d bless you in ways beyond your imagination. HE already has!!! Reply

Alex Troy Greenwich, CT, USA May 12, 2011

Jewish Heroism Rabbi Bryski delivers an outstanding lecture on Jewish heroism. He makes you laugh and cry and feel great pride. He is a masterful public speaker. Bravo! Reply

Anonymous Australia December 21, 2010

Inspirational It was a treat to listen to this very inspiratonal lecture, Rabbi Bryski. The many true-life stories you related give people hope for the future, and you may never know the amount of good you will have planted in so many lives. Thank you for blessing us with inspirational light. Reply

Anonymous East Brunswick, NJ November 22, 2010

PRESENTATION The Rabbi is an AMAZING inspirational speaker. The presentation is exceptional. It makes a person think and search deep within themselves to be better today than they were yesterday and better tomorrow than they were today. Reply

danny October 23, 2010

my wish it is my wish to be this GREAT. i think this lecture explains the reason for the commandment "surround yourself with good people". if the people around us respect this real kind of greatness, greatness will come to the world en masse Reply

Anonymous Philadelphia, Pa August 12, 2010

The Hero in you! Excellent lecture rabbi Bryski. I could only hope that I will be a hero to someone in His name and not for award or reward, but because it is the right thing to do! Reply

Anonymous London, UK August 1, 2010

Rabbi Bryski - The Hero In You Rabbi Bryski your lecture was the best I have ever listened to in my whole life. It made me laugh, but mostly it made me cry. You spoke brilliantly and extremely movingly. A truly inspiring speech. Thank you. Reply

linda longueuil, quebec July 31, 2010

lecture, the hero in you Great speaker, great lecture, and a fantastic rabbi!! Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan July 27, 2010

I am learning from the Best of Best Meramedo, Chabad Rabbis and Rebbetzins Reply

Dor Roskilde, Denmark January 2, 2010

Thank you so much! Truly thank you Rabbi Bryski, for all the audio classes you share with us and Chabad.org which made it possible.
While I was listening I catch myself several times crying. They really inspiring me to do more for others and try to find the 'hero' inside me. Thanks you for everything and all your shared thoughts. Looking forward to hear more from you. Reply

J. Greenberger Cedarhurst, NY via chabadfivetowns.com November 17, 2009

We are so proud Rabbi Bryski, we are very proud to know your father, may he be well to 120, and you did not exaggerate one iota regarding your father. I have known him and worked with him for many many years, and he stands out as one of my heroes as well. In listening to you, I am even more impressed. You must make him very very proud. I am enjoying all of your lectures on line. Reply

Michal , Germany November 13, 2009

May we all be heroes While listening I laughed, I cried, was filled with thankfulness for G-d, because I was allowed to listen to this lecture. And my wish for all of us, who listened, that we should reach our goal, to be what G-d wanted us to be.
Thank you so much, Rabbi Bryski!!!
And thank you, people of Chabad, who made this possible for us! Reply

Richard Raff BonneyLake, WA November 12, 2009

Hero for life This was truly very mindful talk of what was and is the sacrifice of good common heroes. I see in the world of Jewish culture compared to trees Rabbi Moshe Bryski is surely one that benefited from old growth forestry . I too like the idea of the old growth protecting the new growth for the survival of the ways of the Torah. Deep down this has touched my soul so Rabbi please be refreshed and ready to start a new day and hopes for a new hero. Reply

steve smith las vegas, nv November 12, 2009

thank you splendid talk. I am deeply moved. Reply