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Prophecies, Resurrection and Modern Day Miracles

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Prophecies, Resurrection and Modern Miracles

From Ezekiel’s vision of the "dry bones" to the bond between generations and the phenomenon of supernatural events – past, present and future
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Fall of Communism, Ezekiel's Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones, Holocaust, Israel, Jewish Survival, Miracles

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Bruce Ulanet Boca Raton, FL December 13, 2019

Rabbi, you are truly a diamond. Thank you for this lecture and so many others you've shared. I am inspired to learn more, a lot more. Thank you! Reply

Clem Douglas July 20, 2019

Baruch HaShem for Chabad and your great lectures on the web ! Reply

Norah Moreno San Antonio February 9, 2018

I have been so blessed by you teaching. While researching the significance of "bones" to our ancestors, I ran into this teaching. I have cried. I have felt a sweet and peaceful presence in my home. May G-d bless you immensely Rabbi! Reply

Anonymous April 1, 2016

Your return SO happy to hear you again. How was your trip to Israel? Looking forward
to listening to all of your messages, you are truly a gifted speaker and messenger.
Thank you!!! :-) Reply

Y. Pascal Houston, TX March 25, 2016

Thank You Rabbi Bryski Reply

ruthgeller USA March 21, 2014

Thank you, Rabbi Reply

Cathy January 18, 2014

Absolutely Awesome!! Thank you!! Reply

Bob Steele Greensboro, NC January 13, 2014

Rabbi Bryski,
As a Conservative Synagogue congregant, I want to thank you for a very moving, informative, and inspiring message. From now on I will be looking at my life as a Jew from a new perspective - recognizing modern day miracles and history in the making. I will be sharing this website link with family and friends.
Bob Reply

Anonymous October 12, 2013

Please continue to give us you messages, you are truly a gifted speaker. Thank you and thank you again! Reply

arthur st. louis April 25, 2013

Thank you rabbi Bryski. Great and inspiring lecture ... but facts are facts. The Jewish population in the former soviet union is greatly overstated. See Wikipedia on the subject.

l love all your lectures so far but the facts are important. Bottom line. thank you for educating "lost" Jews like me. Reply

Cathy USA April 1, 2013

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Please continue to make more video's. Many, many of my friends are being exposed to these for the very first time. Thank you for your labor of love! Reply

Meyer Stahl Las CrucesNM, N July 2, 2011

prophecies,resurrection&miracles Rabbi Moshe Bryski, your analogy of Ez 37 was fantastic. I loved it. G-D has always brought His beloved people thru all the trials. He has performed many miracles even today. However the greatest miracle will yet take place after the coming of Moshiach when the graves will open and the slaves of G-D's people in Egypt, Assyria, Babylon,Greece,Rome,and the 6 million in the concentration camps,and Russia. And they will all stand on their feet in the Land Of Israel And praise The Almighty,they will be The Whole House Of Israel. Reply

Anonymous Lethbridge, Canada December 18, 2010

Prophecies, Resurrection, and Miracles What a pleasure to listen to your lecture here in Canada. I've had opportunity to listen to several of your other lectures and feel you yourself may have been hand-picked from your mother's womb by the hand of G_d for this time period, just as Truman was who you spoke of in this lecture. You certainly present your topics clearly and they affect all of our senses for the good. Thank you. Reply

Mrs. Catherine Cronin December 13, 2010

shining bright And the world shines brighter because of you Rabbi. Reply

Leifsha Gross Baltimore, MD November 18, 2010

Rabbi Bryski Prophecies Amazing and worthwhile hours on inspiring lecture on the faith, resilience, dedication of the Jewish "diamonds". More power to you! Rabbi Bryski, you are most informative and a true diamond dealer of the the Lubavitcher Rebbi! Reply

Annette Melamed Atlanta, Georgia November 9, 2010

PROPHECIES Thank you Rabbi Moshe Bryski. It is not so long ago that I logged onto and listened to you for the first time. Since then I have become hooked. I am actually became a baltshuva (returnee to Judaism) through Chabad in South Africa. I have since located to Atlanta Georgia, and for various reasons live in a different area to Chabad. However I listen to classes as much as possible, on line. I work from home in the evening, and I am able to learn and work at the same time. I can't wait to come home and to listen to many more classes given by you, as your passion for judaism is evident by the way you speak and by your delivery of the subject. I believe you will be live on November 10th and i will be listening again. Thank you so much for your inspiration and dedication to the diamonds in each one of us. Reply

Carol August 4, 2010

To Maria Martinez Hello Maria Martinez. I'm Carol Paz. I read your message and it seems we might have gone through a similar situation. I left my message above on May 14. It is good to see how many are coming back to their true roots and identities. I wish you the very best. Reply

Anonymous san francisco, ca.usa July 29, 2010

thank you very much Rabbi Moshe Bryski, for the wonderful lecture, you rock, you're awesome
i like all your lectures........ Reply

Maria Martinez Monte Vista, Colorado July 28, 2010

Prophecies, Resurrection and Mondern Miracles Thank you Rabbi Moshe Bryski for the wonderful lecture. I enjoyed it very much and learned new things. My family has not been involved with Judaism for several hundred years. I came back to it. I am one of Ezekiels dry bones that he saw. I am forever thankful. Hope to listen to more of your lectures in the future. Reply

Mr. Richard Raff July 23, 2010

Prophecies, Resurrection, Modern Day Miracles Thank you for the second time for a faithful talk. I can tell you this and in this time that faith is honest and truthful. So Rabbi Moshe Bryski if you believe then so do I, thank you. Reply