The Infinite Light overflows with passion.

The passion to enter within the finite, to define itself within space and time, to dwell within darkness.

But this is its limitation: It is imprisoned within its endless presence, for wherever it goes it finds only itself.

When Infinite Light meets darkness, no darkness is left. As it seeps into space and time, they blur and dissolve. Expose to it the finite cells of the human mind, and all reason surrenders.

So the Infinite Light must first awaken a passion below, commensurate to its passion above. A passion of the intellect to know unbounded wisdom, of a created being to embrace its Creator, of darkness to shine. Only once it is awaited with burning desire, then may it enter, be welcomed and find peace.

How could it be that a created being can accomplish that which is not in the hand of heaven to achieve? For in that human passion itself is G‑d, who is below as above, and within all things.