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Anxiety and Faith
Psychotropics are not enough. Anxiety can be overcome only with a deep and mighty sense of faith.
My Husband Has a Temper!
At first, the outbursts were mild and far apart. Even now there are stretches where we get along quite well, until something provokes him and he explodes.
Dealing With Past Baggage
How do I deal with all the baggage of my past lives? Okay, so now I'm (struggling to be) a kosher Jew, but all the thoughts of the past keep coming back.
Aren't We Being Nudniks on Yom Kippur?
We already petitioned G‑d on Rosh Hashanah. Why are we going through the whole exercise all over again on Yom Kippur? Doesn’t G‑d get a little annoyed at the repeat performance?
How to Let Go of a Grudge
Best Friend's Wedding on Yom Kippur
I have a big dilemma. One of my best friends that I've known for 10 years is getting married on Yom Kippur. He's not Jewish and I know he did this with only good intentions, but it's too late to change anything.
Keeping Out of Unethical Business
I found out that my business partner is planning on doing something that is possibly illegal, but in a way that avoids creating any liability for himself. Am I allowed to continue the partnership?