I had an inspiring Shavuot. I was pleasantly surprised that the reading of the Ten Commandments truly moved me. But now it’s Sunday morning, and that feeling is slowly slipping away. How do I walk away from the holiday with more than the leftover cheesecake in the fridge?


You think you have it hard? Just imagine what it was like the first time around! The Jewish nation had witnessed mass revelation. At that moment, G‑d was not just discussed but experienced. Their entire world was turned upside down and inside out.

Then came Sunday morning. The fireworks were over. Moses had gone up the mountain. It was like a dark room had suddenly lit up, only to go dark again . . .

But while the lights may have been turned off, the Jews were no longer in the dark. They now knew the facts, understood the mission, and were empowered to get the job done.

One day earlier, G‑d’s presence was felt upon the earth. Now it was their turn to turn this earth into something G‑dly.

One day earlier, the curtains were drawn and truth revealed. Now it was their turn to reveal that truth themselves.

One day earlier, G‑d had shown them the finished puzzle. Now it was their turn to put the pieces together.

One day earlier, G‑d had flashed on and off the lights. Now it was their turn to illuminate the world themselves, and to keep it lit.

“Project Dirah B’tachtonim” was officially underway.

It must have been a magnificent Sunday morning. Studying their newly given Torah . . . respecting one another in a manner previously impossible . . . praying to a G‑d they had just experienced the day before . . .

This Sunday morning of yours should be no different.

In other words, channel the inspiration into something concrete. One suggestion? Begin a new Torah class or study session. You can find one at a Chabad House near you here.

Let me know if this helps,

Yours truly,
Rabbi Yisroel Cotlar